Oh, me head! :-)

Ok, I don’t feel THAT bad; my head is still stuffy and I still feel weak. At night: some coughing at first.

I did manage to walk my Cornstalk classic route (a hilly 4.2 mile route) in about 58 minutes (by the clock; I didn’t use a stopwatch) and really enjoyed the pretty day. It was lovely walking/running weather.

I find that moving makes me feel a bit better, even if it is gentle moving.

If recent history is a guide, I am about midway through this and a couple of weeks away from feeling 100 percent.


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I’ll see your “Obama latte salute” and raise you a “Bush dog salute”


Moral: a minor breach of etiquette by a President really means little. It won’t change the minds of those who either support or despise the President in question, nor will it change the minds of the supporters/detractors concerning the “other camp”. The other side is ALWAYS a bunch of willfully ignorant, two-faced hypocrites.

You want to know why I didn’t like President Bush? It is because:

1. At first, his tax cuts were heavily weighted toward the wealthy and
2. He invaded a country that didn’t attack us and really wasn’t threatening us.

President Obama has done neither.

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