Kudos to WordPress developers: Beep-boop editor is working right now.

I complained when it didn’t work, so now will tell my readers that it is now working for me. At least for now.


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Why she isn’t a feminist

I know why I am not a feminist: I believe in egalitarian ideals for everyone, so I don’t apply a label for supporting these ideas for one group of people.

This lady gives her thoughts: it is 35 minutes long but interesting:

I’d have to digest what she said, but it appears to me that she rejects the “feminist” label because accepting it implies viewing history and social policy in a particular way (i. e. a continuing fight against patriarchy).

Here is what I found interesting: she points out that the earliest feminists were women of wealth (that is who had time to pursue such things; everyone else was just trying to get by) and they had a point: the top jobs (e. g. being a lawyer) did shut women out.

But this was all but irrelevant to the vast majority of people living at the time: much of the work that regular men did was backbreaking, often dangerous manual labor. Women were spared that (more or less…still things like childbirth was dangerous then too). So, was it really “oppression of women” that kept them out of the coal mines or the pre-OSHA steel mills? Women benefited by living longer, having a higher probability of passing their genes along, etc.

I am NOT saying that women of that time didn’t work hard; they sure did, especially compared to modern first world standards. But the conditions for the men were often downright brutal (remember: this was pre-OSHA). Yes, sometimes women suffered in workplace disasters (e. g. the Triangle Shirt Waist factory fire) but men were routinely ground up in the industrial meat grinder on a daily basis.

I admit that I sometimes view history from the lens of the “1 percent” and forget how hard it was for ordinary people. 100 years ago, being 55 years old would have made me an old man. Now, I can still play sports, albeit with less competence than I did 20 years ago.

Still, I think that she doesn’t give at least some of the feminists some credit; they may well have pushed things forward; where technological advances made more equal participation in the workplace possible, I still think we’d be behind where we are right now without the pressure that some feminists exerted.

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Is this Texas Memorial Stadium after fans left, or Illinois Memorial Stadium as normal?


(I know which one it is…:-) )

This is the Illinois stadium at kickoff (via this Western Kentucky blog). Hosting a “high school band day” got at least a few people into the upper deck. Our seats: under the overhang of the upper deck, just under that TV screen.


Workout notes 2200 yards swimming: 500 free, 5 x 100 fist/free on 2:05, 4 x (100 kick/swim fins, 100 free), 100 pull, 100 free, 100 pull, 4 x 25 fly.

Oddly enough, I am still sore from yesterday’s half marathon walk (supposed to be marathon pace). That course is hilly.

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