Why Theism makes no sense to me, in one simple picture



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back in the pool

Nice swim this morning: 1000 free, 3 x (100 kick/swim with fins, 100 free w/o fins), 2 x (100 pull, 100 alt fist/free), 4 x 25 back, 4 x 25 fly.

There is a religion professor who can run 4 miles (6.4 km) in the time I can do 5K, so I take pleasure in lapping him in the swimming pool. For now, anyway; when he learns technique, I am toast. 🙂

A mechanical engineering professor raced me for a bout 150-200 at a time. And there is a woman who, well, wears a suit whose bottom is a bit small for her.

But she is a reasonably fast swimmer.

Injury note: my aches and pains are back; this is because I got off of Naproxen (for my foot).

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College Football: Illinois vs. Western Kentucky and UTSA on national TV

Why am I watching college football when the Packers and playing the Seahawks? Well, I’ve noticed that UTSA (Texas at San Antonio) is on FS-1; they are playing Arizona from the Pac Ten. UTSA just started football in 2011; they went 8-4 in 2012 and 7-5 in 2013, andthey are only down 20-16 well into the 3’rd quarter.

These guys can play, even if they are a Conference USA team. It does appear that Arizona is starting to gash the UTSA defense, but the UTSA offense might keep them in the game.

It is 26-16 Arizona going into the 4’th quarter, but UTSA is driving.

Now about this weekend: I have Illinois season tickets and I am looking forward to this week’s game against Western Kentucky.

The skinny: WKU was more impressive last week; they piled on 702 yards of total offense and creamed Bowling Green 59-31; Illinois had a dog-fight win against FCS Youngstown State.

Last year: Illinois was 4-8 and started out with an unimpressive win against Southern Illinois (42-34) but rebounded with a convincing win against Cincinnati (Cincinnati was to go 9-4).

In that game, Illinois came out angry as they were home underdogs and many Illinois fans predicted a Bearcat rout; they had beaten Purdue 42-7 in their opener.

But, in 2012, Illinois entered the game as a 7 point favorite against a Louisiana Tech team that was underrated because they were a WAC team; that ended in a 52-24 debacle.

So, I can see either extreme.

On the other hand, Western Kentucky was up and down in last year’s 8-4 season (should have been a bowl team, IMHO). They defeated Navy and Arkansas State (both bowl winners). They opened (in 2013) with a win against Kentucky, only to get bombed at Tennessee (52-20) and to lose to a mediocre South Alabama (6-6) team. They also lost to Louisiana (bowl winner) and to Troy (6-6).

So, to me, the real question is: “who is more interested in the game?” If both teams come in hungry, it could be a shootout. If one team shows up hungry and the other shows up “just going through the motions”, then it can turn into a blowout.

The odds opened with Illinois favored by 1.5 points; now the odds range from Illinois 5.5 to 6:

Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 9.27.20 PM

The fans are picking Illinois, but the ESPN and Yahoo college football experts are picking Western Kentucky.

On one hand, WKU was more impressive in week one. But on the other hand, Illinois is well known for laying eggs just when you expect them to do well, but WKU has done that too.

I admit that my heart says Illinois will come out on fire and win; my head says that WKU’s passing attack will chop up Illinois, and the Illini offense isn’t far enough along to stay up with a shoot out.

Time will tell.

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Snarky quips: US Senate race, Pearls Before Swine, etc.

The US Senate races: Paul Krugman doesn’t know and neither do I. Polling isn’t nearly the quality or quantity as it was for a Presidential race. So, based on…well, not much, I’d have to favor the R’s as Nate Silver’s model does. Too much has to go right for the D’s to maintain control; my 95 percent confidence interval for Democratic (caucus) seats ranges [47, 51]; I’d be delighted with 50 seats.

Pearls Before Swine

click for larger…

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