sore heel part II

I felt that I needed more miles. I chose the West Peoria/Bradley Park course. wpeoriabradpark83

The heel did fine until the second large downhill…and then it hurt…just a little..after that. 56:59/1:47/56:38 (1:55:25) was my total. Traffic: a little, in spots.

I saw some of the cross country team training; all smiled and said “hi” (men and women). The difference between their bodies and mine…well…as stark as the difference in our respective running paces. 🙂

So, after, I iced and took some Naproxen. And, I ordered some Sorbothane heel pads; I am beating my gel heel pads to death. 🙂

Note: I kept saying that I’d get on the treadmill…and haven’t as yet. Two more weeks of training..then a cut back.


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The game of love: often, loneliness comes from not liking what you can attract…

(click for larger)

Hmmm, she doesn’t want to “settle”……..

And yes, it works both ways. I have to chuckle at how many times I’ve heard …well…rather ordinary guys say that they want some “hot babe”.

I’m convinced that *some* loneliness comes from not wanting what you are able to attract.

I suppose the same might be true about jobs and the like.

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Some Bridge To Bridge 2014 photos

I described my race here.

I was chasing Mardi (in the red top) and thought that I had her with 3 minutes to go, but she blew past me in the last 100 meters or so.

I also just missed catching this other lady:

But given the heat and humidity (75 F, 82 percent humidity) I was happy to survive with a “respectable” (for me) pace (8:39 mpm)

And it was good to see T out there again, in her tight spandex…

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