Throwback Thursday 17 July 2014

I am using these three photos for throwback Thursday: the first two are from 1974 (my freshman year in high school) and the last is from 1975. This before I left Yokota High School in Japan for Travis High School in Austin, TX; the latter didn’t have a wrestling team.

The story behind the first two photos: I wrestled as a freshman and basically got my butt kicked all year long. I was hazed in practice and got my butt handed to me in meets. It took me 6 tries before I finally won a match; I ended the regular season with a .500 record.

At the end of the season, we had a tournament consisting of all of the U. S. military schools from Japan and Okinawa and the private English language schools in Japan.

I won my opening bout and had to face one of the tournament favorites in the second round; he pinned me easily.

But the favorite got moved to the winners bracket where he faced the guys who were eventually to take first and second; he got a “loss by a pin” and a tie. By the scoring system at the time, that gave him “6 bad points” (4 for the loss by pin, 2 for the tie) which eliminated him.

I went to the elimination round where I faced two “not-so-good” opponents and pinned both of them…within a minute each!

So I was left with “4 bad points” (1 loss, 3 wins by pin) and there were only two other wrestlers left!

That put me into the medal round even though my season record, up to that point, was only 2 wins above .500.

In all honesty, I didn’t belong in the medal round and I ended up getting getting my butt kicked in front of everyone. I suffered two first round losses by pin. The one shown here was the match for second place.

The next year, I had improved; no more getting picked on in practice …and my record was 12-3 prior to the transfer.




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