River City Half Marathon Powerwalk.


Just the facts:

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 10.17.59 AM

Pretty pathetic by running standards, but not that bad for a walk. No, my knees were NOT straight, but they’ve been worse. I did see myself in the mirror; getting rid of that “bend forward from the waist” is tough to do. I try to arch my back backward.

Good news: no trouble with the piriformis or knees.

The day was all but perfect: clear skies, high 40’s at the start.

10:25 (54:24)
10:17 (oops!)
10:54 (featured the uphill)
9:55 (??)
10:44 (1:46:52 for 10)
10:20 (mile 11)
22:02 for the last 2.1 (downhill the whole way)

I walked the 2 miles to the course (just over) as a warm up. The course wound through the downtown area then up Main Street hill at mile 7.

At first I hung back with the 5 hour pace group (first 2 miles) then I moved forward. I was in a pack of women who yelled at me to leave them alone (I wasn’t stalking them; they were merely going my pace) and that kept up to about mile 5 or so.

I could see the faster runners on the way back on this stretch and I got to yell for many of them. They yelled at me too; it was fun.

It was at this time the pace started to creep up. And I say this in all honesty: the people I saw were getting slimmer and slimmer (on the average).

Finally at mile 6.5 we turned onto Main Street and I relaxed going up the hill. I was completely familiar with the course as it was in my neighborhoods.

I saw the 4:45 pace group again and left them again.
At mile 8 I figured I could hold my pace. Then came 9, and 9.5 saw me pass in front of our house.

I wouldn’t see Barbara as she was working the mile 14 water stop for the marathon and my daughter was “belly up”.

At 10, I thought “maybe I can hold this” and I told myself to hold on until the last downhill mile which is what I did.

I was gratified to see the clock at under 2:20 when I crossed.

Then came the long, uphill 2 mile trek home. I walked along the course so I could see some of the later finishers; I got to yell at T and a few others.

Though I am making nice progress (17 miles today), I’ve still got some training ahead of me if I want to have a credible marathon walk (goal: 5:15).

Note: the race has improved over its first year. Mile signs were there and packet pickup went much smoother.

ps: the course:

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 4.33.00 PM


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