Don’t let facts get in the way…

Yes, under President Obama, the number of public workers went DOWN and the number of federal workers…in sheer numbers…increased slightly (140-160 K) since 2008 (remember: a fair way to measure workforce growth is to take into account the population growth and the US population grew about by about 15 million during that period…I am estimating about 2.5 million per year from here)

Republicans still insist that government is “growing out of control” under President Obama.

There is a type of cave insect in which the female has a penis like object which she inserts into the male to GATHER UP sperm from the male. The science itself is fascinating. But…wait for it….some “feminist” is “offended” that the scientists used the term “penis”.

Sometimes, I think that some people see the ability to extract offense as a type of virtue.

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Political Easter


Sorry….couldn’t resist.

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Quite a knock out…

Last night’s Friday Night Fights featured two 8 found middle weight matches as part of a boxing tournament (Boxcino). But to me: the (scheduled for 6 round) heavyweight match prior to these fights (which WERE good) stole the show. Nate Heaven was an underdog to Donovan Dennis and Dennis appeared to be winning round 1 when this happened.


The middle weights: yes, Brandon Adams beat Raymond Gatica by a split decision which, well, puzzled me. On my card, I had it 79-71 Adams (too many big shots) but the judges had it: 78-74, 78-74 Adams (which I could understand; some rounds WERE close) and one had it…77-75 for Gatica (????)

In the second bout, Willie Monroe “upset” the favored Vitalii Kopylenko (not sure why Kopylenko was favored); I too had this one 79-71 for the winner. The judges saw it 79-73, 79-73, 78-74. These scores, IMHO, were more reasonable. Kopylenko did land a couple of very hard shots but was mostly beaten to the punch all night long.

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Progress and regression

I decided at the last moment to do a least a race billed as a 5K.

Day: crisp (40’s, breezy, sunny), though I felt warm when I started my warm up.
Course: flat; some wind. But it was a bit short; the Garmins that I saw got 2.96 to 3.02 miles; I’ll go with 2.96 though I might believe 3 miles. Garmins tend to read short.

Splits: 7:38 (wind aided), 7:55 (realistic), 7:55 (realistic for 1 mile, NOT for 1.1). Total: 23:27 (chip), which grades to 24:41 for 5K. Pace: 7:56. How I knew that I was doing better: I actually had a small lead on Dianne who got me back at the very end and she is usually 24:xx for this distance (around 24:30) and I was drawing a bead on Jerry Kolb; I could close on neither. Still I finished 37 out of 257 overall, and 25 out of 104 men.

The course did feature several hairpin turns (I counted 4 total) that slowed you down a bit.

When we started off, I told myself to calm down and enjoy the light show (the sun was behind us and the feminine spandex just shimmered…:-) )

I was unprepared to see people on their way back so quickly, but you do arrive at the first hairpin turn fairly quickly (half mile/800 meters?). I was even more shocked to see people behind me.

As we passed mile one we came to an intersection and I could see runners off to the left. We were told to “go straight” and so we did; we followed the signs. It turns out that the group in front of us had gone the wrong way (no direction) and evidently they went in a loop(?)…full loop…opposite direction.


I was gaining on people who were fading and picked out Jerry and Dianne. I didn’t get them at mile 2 (15:33); the wind was now in our face. It wasn’t bad, but it was noticeable.

I finally moved on Dianne but she was to get me near the finish line. I was feeling “bad” but within reason; once again I didn’t attack the pain.

Afterward, I chatted, went to a path to walk a cool down, drove home, got a quick bite to eat and then hit the weight room.

There seems to be a rule when I lift after a 5K race: the better the race, the worse my lifting.

I did the following (more machines than normal)

pull ups: 5 sets of 10; first sets were weak; latter ones were better.
rotator cuff
rows: Lifefitness machine: 3 sets of 10 x 90
abs: 3 sets of 10 of twist, sit back, crunch
bench: 10 x 135, 9 x 160, 7 x 160
military: I couldn’t even swing the dumbbells into position, so I used the Hammer Machine: 3 sets of 10 x 140 (70 each arm)
curls: machine: 3 sets of 10 x 70
pull downs: Lifefitness machine, 3 sets of 10 x 150

I did NOT do upright rows (sore forearm/elbows)

This year’s 5K-ish distance results:

19 April: 23:27 2.96 (24:40 5K, or 23:45 3 mile)
5 April 22:31 (2.8 miles) 25:05 5K
29 March CIDA 25:09 5K
1 March: 27:27 for 3.25 miles: 26:10 5K.

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