The “hot” winter Olympic games…

This showed up on my Facebook wall:

There are claims Russia will offer a cold welcome to the world at the Winter Olympics, but these images of some of the country’s leading competitors suggests otherwise.
Until now, disputes about homophobia, world leaders refusing to attend, and mega-security at Sochi have overshadowed the preparations for the £31 billion Games.
The pictures showing the host team dressed to impress are going wild on the Moscow web with one site boasting: ‘Russian sportswomen are the best campaigners for our team in Sochi.’

Hmmm, yes, I like looking at the women athletes. Many guys like the figure skaters. I am more of a speed skater:


Or skier:


type of guy; the big butt does it for me!

But, the sex appear stuff is being taken to a different level. Check out the article that I linked to: (in each case, surf to the link to see the larger photo)



Wow…now we know what is under all that spandex……

And it isn’t only the Russians:

(this is downhill skier Julia Mancuso)

Well, I suppose that world class athletes are confident people, and in the women, that confidence applies to their sex appeal. And at their age and at their level of athletic fitness, they look as good out of the spandex as they look in it. And hey, this means big money for them!

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