Whatever and hos

Workout notes I was a little sleepy but blasted myself out of bed.
Weight workout: the usual; what was different:
pull ups: 5 sets of 10; not that bad.
incline: 10 x 140, 6 x 150, 6 x 150
pull downs; on a different machine (3 sets of 10 with 150; did this with the abs)
dumbbell super set: 3 sets of 10 of: seated military (sets of 12 with 50’s), curls (30’s), bent over rows (65’s), standing rows (25’s)

This took about an hour; then I did the “gluteal 1” program for 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. It made my legs slightly heavy.

Some regions in the southern US got snow; they have neither snowplows, salt for the roads…and the drivers don’t have experience. This is the result.

State of the Union
Paul Krugman had the best take: it was a “whatever” speech. President Obama knows that the Republicans won’t work with him. Krugman also notes that the conservatives are…what else…blaming government workers for inequality. Seriously:

Let’s start by looking at the real winners in soaring inequality — the people who not only make incredible amounts of money, but get to pay very low taxes (and if you suggest closing their loopholes, you’re just like Hitler.) According to Forbes, in 2012 the top 40 hedge fund managers and traders took home a combined $16.7 trillion billion.

Now look at those supposedly overpaid government employees. According to the BLS, the median high school teacher earns $55,050 per year.

So, those 40 hedge fund guys made as much as 300,000, that’s three hundred thousand, school teachers — almost a third of all high school teachers in America.

OK, teachers get benefits, so their total compensation cost is higher than their wage, so maybe it’s only 200,000.

But you should keep numbers like these in mind whenever anyone tries to shift attention from the one percent (and the .001 percent) to Americans who aren’t even upper-middle class.


You see, I’d be more focused if only those women would quit dressing in a way that shows their bodies. 🙂

Note: if you think about it, the main difference between the beliefs of some of the religious fundamentalists here and in the Muslim world is the flavor of the preferred superstition. If the radical Muslims would embrace trickle down economics, they’d make great conservatives!

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  1. 16.7 trillion billion? That seems unlikely

    I agree these guys make more than they are worth, but I’m not sure I really understand the great harm to anyone. Bill Gates is really, really rich, but I don’t really see that hurting me (or poor people). In fact, Microsoft products have made my life much, much better (I can’t imagine writing a Ph.D. dissertation on a first generation word processing program, let alone a typewriter). Likewise, I’m not sure pro athletes and entertainers are worth what they get paid, but is this really a big problem for society at large? I am not purposely being argumentative, it just seems as your narrow your focus from the 1% to a narrower and narrower group, the overall importance decreases

    Comment by Dr. Andy | January 29, 2014 | Reply

    • I’ll have to think about your question; I think that the issue here is that while the economy grew on the whole, MOST of the money went to the top. why this is a problem; the really rich tend to spend a smaller percentage of that income and that hurts demand.

      For example, if one had 10 people gaining 2,000,000 dollars per year each those people who spend a certain percentage. On the other hand, if we had 1000 people getting that same 2,000,000, they, on the whole, would spend a bigger chunk of the 2 million, thereby driving up demand.

      Comment by blueollie | January 29, 2014 | Reply

      • That’s a good point, although in some ways society may be better off in the long term with a higher level of investment. I guess my argument is sure, these guys make too much but even if this 16.7 billion was all distributed to the poor, that wouldn’t make any significant difference in an economy that is roughly 1000 times larger (around 16 trillion). If you think the whole top 1 or 2% make too much, that is a lot more money, but also a lot of people who are affluent, but not really rich (e.g. people who make, say, 6-800k yearly-much more than me or you [unless math professors make more than I realize ;-)] -but still have to go to work everyday-think high end corporate lawyers or orthopedic surgeons).


        Comment by Dr. Andy | January 29, 2014

  2. Krugman is really focused on the top .1 percent of the 1 percent; the under 1 million a year crowd really isn’t what is being talked about.

    Not that I’d know. 🙂

    Comment by blueollie | January 30, 2014 | Reply

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