Fundies and woo-woos and bees….

Right now, I am hoping to run outside but I might have to deal with some chilly rain. It might be a good “go to the track” day?

I was scanning Facebook and I saw this:


You sometimes see this meme repeated by creationists.

Now, of course, what happened is that somewhere, some scientist or engineer did a calculation using an oversimplified model (back of the envelope calculation?) that said that the bee shouldn’t be able to fly; perhaps it was done in an informal setting or perhaps it was done to show that a model was inadequate in certain cases.

Anyone who understands science and engineering knows that. Here is a longer history of this misconception.

So why does such nonsense have so much power? My guesses:

Often, the statement is made in a distinctly disparaging tone aimed at putting down those know-it-all scientists and engineers who are so smart yet can’t manage to understand something that’s apparent to everyone else.

And the morals drawn from the tale are many, including the notion of persisting with a new idea in the face of dogmatic adherence to old standards and maxims.

So, when a scientist points out that much of what a fundie believes is impossible, they can counter with this “see, science doesn’t know everything!”. A woo-woo probably likes this for the same reason.

Of course, these people share such memes via the internet, on computers, via radio, television (transmitted via satellite)…blissfully unaware of the unintended irony.

But hey, remember this: science says that YOU can’t fly, so you can always prove those scientists wrong by going to the top of a very tall bridge…and taking the “leap of faith”. Just make sure no one is under you, ok? 😉


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