The open mind, the so-called political center and the nonsense….

Politics What is the US political center anyway? Basically, there are populists (socially conservative, but shares “economic fairness” arguments with liberals) and libertarians (socially liberal, but staunchly pro-free market) among others; the upshot is that there is really not a situation to make a party out of this group.

Medicine and anatomy

This is astonishing to me:

WHEN the news broke recently that a team of Belgian scientists had “discovered” a new body part — a ligament located just outside the knee — the first place my mind went was to Padua.

Padua is the small city in northern Italy where the 16th-century Brussels-born scientist Andreas Vesalius taught anatomy and created his history-making masterpiece, “De Humani Corporis Fabrica” (“On the Fabric of the Human Body”), published in 1543. The old man would have been delighted by the news, I couldn’t help thinking.

Really: we are still learning things AT THIS LEVEL? Well, read the article to see the various factors as to why this really isn’t that surprising after all. This is probably why medicine is so difficult.

“Open minded-ness”: To me, a “good” open mind is one that is open to new EVIDENCE; remember that there is more “noise” than signal out there.

One often hears about how “even Einstein had something good to say about religion (“science without religion is lame”); but remember that Einstein rejected the idea of a personal deity. Jerry Coyne explains it further in this New Republic article.

You hear anti-scientific bunk from “anti-GMO activists” along with other stuff (example).

The bottom line: science is hard and some scientific facts, even non-quantum physics facts, are difficult to impossible to grasp without a command of mathematics (e. g. angular momentum) I’ve linked to other examples here.

But on the other hand, “good math” doesn’t mean “accurate model”.


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