Drumstick 3 mile (4.8 km) run, and a curious age related statistical result.

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.42.00 AM

Splits: 8:19, 8:18, 8:23 = 24:56. This grades to about a 25:53 5K.

My race: I jogged the 2.2 miles from my house to the racecourse, (got there with 10 minutes to the start of the race), ran the race (if you call 8:19 mpm running) and then power-walked a cool-down home (another 2 miles, this time uphill). I had overdressed slightly and so was a bit too sweaty.

There were 187 people who showed up on a 22 F (-6 C), 10 mph (16 km/hr) wind and sunny day. Hopefully, this race will grow as it was a well managed event.

My race: well, I knew that I hadn’t done many “faster” workouts over the past month aside from a quicker treadmill mile here and there; my last hard run was a 33:07 4 miler back on November 3, and that was done if 40 F conditions. It was almost 20 F colder today, and that does slow me down just a little (nothing like the heat does though).

slow down with cold

I lined up midpack and went out; this course starts with a mild upgrade for the first mile (8:19); I was trying to keep the effort under control and started to pass people 6-7 minutes into it.

I saw Lupe pass me (he starts slow and usually runs 7:4x-7:5x) and it was useless to try to stay with him.

But I told myself “stay steady” and more or less held position; it was just a tiny bit harder than “tempo effort”. The side turn put us with a cross wind and took us to the River bike path. That mile took 8:12 and I had delusions of picking it up some more.

BUT: we faced a stiff headwind at that point (which explains why the upgrade didn’t hurt as much as expected) and I noticed a guy up ahead of me; he is a couple of years older than I am and whipped me soundly at this spring’s marathon. He was wearing a bright orange shirt so I made it my goal to “get him”.

And eventually, with about 1200 meters to go, I did. Then I made it my goal to hold him off; I KNEW that he would fight me to the end. And he did. πŸ™‚

As we got to the straight away I kept hearing footsteps; it was his…and those of a young, short woman coming up behind me. I told myself: “COME ON YOU WORTHLESS %$$##@!!!!!! GET GOING!!!!!! ARE YOU SAVING YOURSELF FOR MARRIAGE???”. So I tried to go as hard as I could without coming up empty short of the finish line.

My last mile was 8:23 so I did slow a bit (wind?) but I kept my place and that was the goal.

I congratulated my opponent and went back on the course to cheer for Debbie, Jennifer and Herb; I was slightly bummed that Jen had wrapped her jacket around her waist…. πŸ˜‰

Then I walked the 2 miles home, going past the Medical school and up the hill; it was a good cool down.


I noticed something curious. There were 84 males who finished the race; 9 of those 50 years old and up finished in the top half (42); 10 of the 50 and up crowd finished in the second half. The top places were 8, 10, 24, 33, 34, 36, 39, 40, 41. So being over 50 diminished one’s chances of being first, it didn’t really diminish one’s chances of being in the upper half of the males. (9 in the first half of all males, 10 in the second half).

Now looking at the 103 females who finish: only 3 women 50 and up finished in the top 52; 9 finished in the second half of the women. The top places: 15, 40, 50, 53.

I don’t know exactly what this means, but the conclusion (based on this one small race) is that being older hurts women more than it hurts men. BUT it could be that more men of my generation started earlier (races in the early 1980’s used to me mostly men; my first marathon (December 1980) saw 2000 male finishers and just over 200 women finishers!) so it could be that today’s 50 year old (and older) woman started sports later in life than the typical 50 year old man.

I don’t know; it is interesting to think about.

5K (or close)

2012 2013
Drumstick 3 mile 24:56 (25:53 eq) Nov. 28
Homecomeing 5K 25:45 (3.16?) Homecoming 5K 25:31 (3.16?)
Stride to Unite 5K (3.2) 25:53 22 Sep. 27:34 Hilltop 5K (72, 91 percent humidity)
25:12 Hanna City Hustle 25:22 Hanna City Hustle (AG)
25:47 Yates City. 26:05 Yates City
25:42 Brimfield: 7:56, 8:10, 8:44, 0:51
27:59 Aug. 5: Math Fest 5K 26:56 Rocket Run July 20: 8:27, 8:42, 9:46
26:07 Run for the Health of it July 14 8:28 8:49, 8:49 (AG) 26:32 5K run for the health of it July 13 (AG) 8:03, 8:02, 10:26
27:46 July 4 Firecracker 8:09 8:43 10:53 27:40 July 4 Firecracker
25:03 May 26 River Run 8:08, 8:07, 8:47 24:56 May 25 River Run
25:13 Race for the Cure May 12 (8:25, 7:34, 9:12) (AG) 25:48 Race for the Cure May 11
24:34 May 5 Run to Remember (7:54, 7:45, 8:54) 26:12 (3.18?) May 4: Sam Fan 5K
25:41 Bradley U. April 28 25:29 (hilly) 20 April: BU women soccer 5K
25:14 CIDA March 31 (8:27, 8:17, 8:29) (AG) 25:14 March 23: New Interplanetary 5K
25:08 Interplanatary March 24 (8:14, 8:19, 8:34) (AG) 27:04 (3.25?) 2 March: 5K Jack Kenney (AG)

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