A bit of science for a chilly day…

Is science a type of faith? Jerry Coyne says “no!” and I agree with him. Read his piece in Slate. Remember that ideas get abandoned when they have been shown to either not work or to not be useful.

Traffic jams: I don’t like them either, but some of these can be modeled by using the principles of fluid dynamics. Upshot: proper speed changes can avert SOME of these.

Some fluids change their viscosity and can turn into a solid, albeit briefly.

Evolution in action
This insect has evolved “ant” mimics on its wings to deter predators.


Galaxies can take several shapes; this article is about “ring” galaxies.

Classical Mechanics
Here is a demonstration of angular momentum.

It is a non-intuitive concept; Mano Singham (physicist) explains it here.


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