Quad Cities Half Marathon 2013: Could I possibly be any f*cking dumber???

Quad Cities Half Marathon

What I did right: I didn’t get in an auto wreck on the way there or back. I didn’t get a speeding ticket either. That’s about it.

Basically: I started early enough (4:50 am to get to the 7:30 race; that is normally plenty of time). But….when I got to the Quad Cities area (Moline, IL), I let the construction distract me:

Screen shot 2013-09-22 at 1.14.52 PM

I was coming from the east on I-74. The quirk: yes, the area is ALWAYS under construction; that is perpetual for this area. I think that they never put up the orange barrels; they merely open up lanes on either side of them.

Anyway, as you come on I-74, you have to stay on I-74 until the last Illinois exit. But to stay on I-74, you have to….yes, take TWO exits. I remembered the first one but forgot to take the second one (near the airport) and ended up in Davenport.

I bellowed so loud that I gave myself a hoarse voice. That was about 30 extra minutes, so I got to the area late…right when traffic was backing up.

Upshot: the gear check saved me; I was even able to use the bathroom and jog about 8 minutes. I jogged back to the car….and realized (I thought) that my keys were at the gear check. They weren’t; they were WITH me in my pack…I discovered that after the race.

Of course, I left my cap in the car as well as my sports glasses (the ones that I rubbed anti-fog on).

So…I still had to start further back than expected. The field was very crowded…actually most of the way. In the walking days, I had more room (toward the very back of the pack) and in my running days, my pace had me further ahead.

During the race, I got the fogged glasses and an eyelash thought that it would be a great time to get into my eye.

Oh well…

The course has a hill up the I-74 bridge, then another hill from the river up the bluff (Bettendorf) I could see the 2:00 pace group in the distance ahead.

There were a few bumps as we were still close together but nothing serious; people were very polite.

Miles: 9:27, 9:02 (downhill), 9:36 (uphill), 8:45 (downhill), 9:15 level.
That is mile 5 when we hit the bike path. So far, sort of so-good. I was tiring. I made it to mile 6 (9:35; 55:43) and to 10K in 57:47, just slightly slower than last week’s 10K race. But I was tiring and said “bleep this, I need a rest” and I went onto the grassy part next to the bike path to walk a bit.

10:27 was the next mile (counting the walk break) and I began to feel better. Yes, there was sufficient reason for eyestrain, including one woman who looked as if she were “twerking” when she ran..she passed me and, much to my surprise, I was to see her much later in the race.

The next mile was 9:41 in Davenport; I was feeling slightly better (1:15:52 for 8 miles). Then we went across a bridge into Rock Island and I slowed..and we turned into Arsenal Island and …I had missed the mile 9 split….we got to the bike path and I gave up.

I just slow walked; got to mile 10 in 1:39:43. It took me 23:50 to do the last 2 miles.

I slow walked it to mile 11 15:40 and when a slower runner passed me (Ms. “White tights with black checks”) I went after her; walking. I challenged other runners with my walking gait. 12:40; 2:08:03 was my 12 mile split.

I picked up the walk some more until 9 minutes into the final mile…I decided to jog the bridge exit and run it in to the finish; I didn’t want anyone to think that I had this as a walking time. I am NOT in that kind of walking shape.

Time: 2:20:59

1251 out of 1899, 66/93 50-54M 661/817 M, 57:47 10K 9:18 2:20:59 10:46

Then I walked back to the car…and remembered that I had left my stuff at gear check…so I got a decent .4-.5 mile cool down walk. I told you that I did nothing right. 🙂 At least I got another look at all of the feminine spandex before I left, and a cup of diet Pepsi. Not sure what was better and, the spandex was pretty good. 🙂

The good news is, aside from my left shoulder (which I irritated in the weight room yesterday), I am not that sore nor am I tired. Aside from a decent 8-10 mile training run, I really didn’t do much.

What is wrong: this spring, I had a slew of “10 miles on Tuesday, 12-16 miles on Sunday” training weeks; that got me ready for my spring half marathons. This time, I had an 8 miler, a walk/jog half marathon, and a 10 miler prior to this one. That isn’t enough to be ready to give a credible effort, at least FOR ME. I am a 190 pound 54 year old; I need more medium-long training runs than that.

11:56 (1.1)

Past years:
1998: 3:55 as a runner (hot)
1999: 3:45 as a runner
2000: 1:40 for half of a relay
2001: 1:49 for half marathon (week after giving blood)
2002: 4:44 marathon as a walker
2004: 5:12 marathon as a walker
2005: 5:34 marathon as a walker.
2007: DNF at mile 23 (walker)
2008: 2:25 half marathon (walker)
2009: 5:28 marathon (as a walker)
2010: 2:39 half marathon (as a walker; knee surgery in July).
2011: 2:22:27 (half marathon powerwalk)


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  1. Ollie, that sounds stressful. I’m sorry it didn’t go as well as you had hoped.
    I quite often make similar driving mistakes, even in Peoria. Recently, I missed the Chillicothe exit off 74W and had to drive all the way to Kickapoo to turn around. This is especially stupid, as I live in Princeville and drive in that area several times a week. I remind my friends to tell people when I’m old that “It’s not Alzheimer’s, she’s always been like that.”

    Comment by jennifer J-W | September 22, 2013 | Reply

    • I almost always factor in “Ollie getting lost” time; even today I had a margin of error, and used ALL of it. 🙂

      About the race: I had to cut back on running because of my back (this summer) and I haven’t built back up to a credible level as yet.

      Comment by blueollie | September 22, 2013 | Reply

      • I feel you on the cutting back due to injury. I had a dream last night that I ran a 5k and won for my AG. Then I found out my pace; 10:44mpm. Major bummer, even in a dream!

        Comment by jennifer J-W | September 23, 2013

  2. […] half marathon (as a walker; knee surgery in July). 2011: 2:22:27 (half marathon powerwalk) 2013: 2:20:59 as a runner 2014: 2:24:17 […]

    Pingback by 2014 Quad Cities Half Marathon: social, mistakes, but some success « blueollie | September 29, 2014 | Reply

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