Yuck again..

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 8.25.41 AM

71 F, 90 percent humidity. I wondered why I was gasping at first. 6.4 mile course (hilly) in 1:07:48 (pretty darned slow) then leg weights (3 sets of 10: leg press, adduction, abduction, leg curl, push back); ok; 5 sets of leg press as I varied the depth and weights.

Going back on Parkside I noticed that this truck wasn’t going to give me room (I was running on the bike lane) so when I was about to jump on the grass; he swerved away from me. He was texting while driving. **swipe!

Speaking of **swipes, it appears as if the Republicans will play games with the debt limit ceiling AGAIN because they want to DEFNUND OBAMACARE:

Everything Republican leaders are actually saying suggests that they intend to go full-on blackmail, holding America’s full faith and credit hostage to the sacred goal of crippling Obamacare before it gets going. Assumptions that they will in fact blink are entirely faith-based.

And this article about the plight of the near-old — those close to, but not yet at, the Medicare age — shows what it is the GOP is willing to fight for, indeed to endanger the stability of world financial markets:

THE sweeping federal health care law making its major public debut next month was meant for people like Juanita Stonebraker, 63, from Oakland, Md., who retired from her job in a hospital billing office a year and a half ago.

She was able to continue her health insurance coverage from the hospital for a time, but when she tried to find an individual policy on her own, none of the insurers she contacted would cover her because she was diabetic.
Yes: Republicans are willing to push the economy and the financial system to the edge of disaster in order to deny people like Ms. Stonebraker coverage. Awesome, isn’t it?

They are like cranky toddlers who throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.



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