I did not see this coming: Illinois beats Cincinnati 45-17.

I was there. I didn’t believe my eyes. But the scoreboard and the stat sheet don’t lie.


Note: our seats are on the left side of the photo, near the tower and the overhang of the upper deck (on the lower deck).



Going in: Illinois had struggled to beat a FCS team (Southern Illinois) 42-34, holding them on 4’th and goal at the 3 with 44 seconds to go; Cincinnati blew out Purdue 42-7.

The first series: Illinois opened with an unbalanced line; then gained a few yards prior to punting. They did run a quarterback draw to take some heat off of the pass rush. So, Cincinnati started on their own 4, gained some first downs prior to getting stalled via a sack. They punted. Illinois got it, ran a few plays, and hit a 48 yard bomb for a touchdown! 7-0 Illinois.


It was going great; the defense was flying all over the field and the offense was mixing things up.

Illinois then drove and ran a beautiful fake up the middle and hand off around the end to the wide receiver. I was faked out and it was now 14-0!

Another stop, another Illinois drive: 21-0 Illinois! A medium pass finished off the drive.

Cincinnati wasn’t dead yet; a quick “two minute offense” drive got Cincinnati a touchdown just prior to half time; still 21-7 was a great position to be in at halftime.

The second half set the tone.

A Cincinnati drive stalled; Illinois stalled and punted it short (20 yards). But the Illinois defense stiffened in the red zone and forced a field goal attempt which was good; 21-10.

Then the Cincinnati defense got a stop and got the ball back. Then with about 7 minutes to go, Cincinnati got the ball and drove it deep and got it to the Illinois 4; it was first and goal! But three cracks at it (a couple of incomplete passes) saw 4’th and goal, and they went for it. The quarterback rolled out and went to the goal line and got hit right at the goal line:


The referees called “touchdown” but it went to review: the ball came out PRIOR to the quarterback going over the goal and you can’t fumble it forward into the end zone: Illinois ball!

Illinois did catch a bit of a break on a run; Cincinnati fans claimed that the Illinois ball carrier was stripped of the ball prior to his knees hitting the ground, but replay could NOT overturn the call on the field.

So it became a long drive (99 yards) capped by an over the shoulder touchdown catch. 28-10 Illinois!

Cincinnati did respond with a drive of their own, which was too easy; it was 28-17 going into the 4’th quarter.


Illinois drove it and got a field goal (from the 3 yard line); 31-17.

But on the next series, one of the Cincinnati quarterbacks got and ugly leg injury; we all hope that he is ok.

Illinois held, drove, and hit another pass which was run in for a touchdown; it was now 38-17. Cincinnati was whipped.

Illinois got the ball back after a stop and was able to run it in to make it 45-17.

Overall, it was a butt kicking; Illinois racked up 522 yards of offense including 212 rushing yards; the defense got that goal line fumble and an early interception. They did give up 455 but that was misleading; they gave up some junk yards with a 38-17 lead.

This was the best I’ve seen the Illinois football team look since the Arizona State game of 2011.


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