Debating creationists: a complete waste of time.

This got me started on this train of thought:


(from here)

So, why won’t these “chickens” debate?

Well, think about it this way: why do you want the debate? Is it to seek scientific truth?
If it is the latter, consider this: suppose you want to know if, say, a bridge design is valid, or if a medicine will work.
Do you want the issue hashed out in a 90 minute debate on a stage? Or would you rather a hypothesis be formed, experiments run, thoughtful analysis (mostly written) done, and the models refined, if necessary?

That is how it is in science. Yes, there are debates and competing theories (well formed models of how nature works) and on occasion, a scientist will inform the public about it:

Though the competing theories are presented, scientists do things like run calculations and run experiments in order to pick the one that is most useful; they publish their results in peer reviewed media (mostly journals).

And, the judging is done by other scientists and not by what fits the intuition of the untrained.

So, if you are interested in knowing the truth about evolution, you are advised to visit the websites of the various science departments at our research universities, labs or natural history museums. This is where you will find the accomplished experts and where you’ll see the evidence carefully laid out.

At creationist debates, you are liable to find arguments of this caliber:



So, sometimes scientists decide to just have fun with the creationists and insult them:

Seriously, creationists are crackpots and do not deserve to be taken seriously.


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