68 minutes…

The academic year is getting closer so I decided to time my weight workout. Of course the gym was empty so I might plan on adding 10-15 minutes to this, which means I’d still have time for a 30 minute swim afterward.

PT: hip hikes, achilles, rotator cuff, abs (3 sets of 10: twist, sit back, crunch, v. crunch)
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (easy?)
bench: 10 x 135, 5 x 185 (tough), 8 x 170 (ok)
incline: 8 x 150, 7 x 150 (ok)
super set: 3 sets of 10 each: rows (Hammer, 200), pull downs (160), dumbbell curls (30), dumbbell military (50).

That took 68 minutes.

Then I did more McKenzie (back), Williams (back), side plank, more abs.

Note: I got a minor tweak in my LEFT shoulder (not the one that I had injured in 2010); it seems to have died down, but I had better watch that, and perhaps do my “pulley” rotator cuff exercises on this side as well.

Also: Barbara was there working with Sue Neff; there was some banter.


Why are goats such good climbers? Note: those who weren’t good climbers…well, didn’t reproduce as well as those who were.

Why are some males more attractive than others?
The male genes get expressed more and the female genes get expressed less, at least in some birds. Or, put another way, the big birds don’t like “girly men”. 🙂

Forgetting humanity
This is an interesting essay from a medical student. He talks about being excited that he got to see a transplant operation. Of course, the operation meant…that someone else had died and it was easy to forget that.


Ok, how does scientific knowledge get refined? The usual way: people come up with conjectures (potential theories) and then they are held up to experimental tests. The conjectures are refined, tested, etc. Yes, when the potential theories are in good shape, they are often discussed and changes/refinements and competing theories are “debated” but not in a “debate” format.

This all takes time.

But most creationists don’t know this; they are swayed by stuff like this:


“Gee, those scientists won’t even debate us because THEY CAN’T WIN!!!! (via: Jerry Coyne)

So, how would you discuss this with someone who might find the above photo persuading?

I’d say try this:

1. “How would you feel if the effective of a medical treatment or an engineering design was decided in a debate format?” This might open the door to their seeing that a debate format doesn’t lead to scientific truth.

2. I’d invite them to surf to the websites of science departments at the major research universities (including those in their home state) and see, for themselves, what is being taught.

These things won’t persuade the hard core religious fundamentalists but it might be effective with the “on the fence” types who haven’t thought about it much.


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