Running: skewed memory

Today: Cornstalk 6.4 mile course in 1:06:03; 37:29, 13:56 (51:25), 4:45 (56:10), 9:53
Cool. Legs felt good; I tried to keep it easy. This wasn’t an exceptional time (kind of slow) but I have to remember: I wasn’t exactly an invalid a week ago.

The back continues to feel better and the tingles have much reduced. I have to say with it.

Then I did 3 sets of 10 with adduction, abduction, push backs (130 for the last 2 sets), leg curls, and more McKenzie exercises.

No, I didn’t see her:


Though I did see a full parking lot at the top of Bradley hill and I saw a group of young people with an older person (40’s?) going up a small section of a path in the park; were they being instructed on how to run uphill in a cross country race? Not sure.

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