I’d love to throw rocks at Georgia Republicans but….

I just read where 70 percent of Georgia Republicans are creationists. Of course, this is gross scientific illiteracy.

And yes, I’d love to use this as an intellectual club to beat the Republicans with (“see how STUPID and icky the Republicans are!”)

1. Some of these people probably are successful in other areas of their lives (business owners, military or police officers, etc.). So while they are delusional in this area, they might be smart in other areas.

2. Scientific illiteracy is indeed bipartisan.

Wait: aren’t most scientists liberal? Well, yes. But most scientists are “out there” on the bell curve; they are NOT typical liberals.

Let’s use an analogy. Remember this scene from the comedy movie Airplane?

Yes, in the United States, the elite basketball players (NBA, CBA, stronger NCAA programs) are predominately black. But these athletes are also at the extreme end of the bell curve; they have little in common with the ordinary African American. Yes, lots of blacks suck at sports and lots of Asians are horrible at math.

And yes, most liberals are not good at science, though science illiteracy shows up in different ways in the liberal community.

Think: hysterical anti-GMO “activists”: you see lots of liberals in this group (though it isn’t predominately liberal…)

You see prominent liberals part of the anti-vaccine crowd.

You see liberal members of Congress pushing to get quack medicine covered by insurance.

You see support for homeopathy in liberal circles:

Seriously, just walk into any UU Church; you’ll see a lot of this:

Our beleaguered science Ph. D. doesn’t only argue with creationists….

and remember that the scientific illiterate don’t get scientific advice from scientists, they GIVE it to them. 🙂


So, as much as I’d love to slam Georgia and the Bible Belt for their scientific illiteracy, it is everywhere, save for a few isolated oasis of science labs and departments.


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  1. Yikes. 43% of Georgia Democrats are also creationists! Didn’t Churchill say the best argument against democracy was a 10 minute conversation with an average voter.

    To be fair, I think may creationists would argue that their belief is more a religious than a scientific one. E.g if someone says to me “the bible says the world was created in 7 days, so evolution is false,” I don’t know how I can really refute them. Their premises are just different than mine.

    Homeopathy, for example, would seem to be 100% stupidity (although some are so strongly opposed to science and medicine that it is almost a religion).

    Dr. A

    Comment by Dr. Andy | August 9, 2013 | Reply

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