Same Planet, different worlds.

This was seen as “wow, that is cool”…

And these people who were “having fun” just completely disregarded those around them (note one of these people crashing into someone else who was finishing).

I see them as self-centered narcissists.

Also on the Steamboat thread: one of my Facebook friends whined, bellyached and complained about the streets being closed for the race (though cross trafic was permitted to pass in gaps). This wasn’t the first time.

Then from the Steamboat Training group: There were hurt feelings because the 15K finishers got a medal whereas the 4 mile runners did not. Seriously….the larger running races are becoming kindergarten.

Then there is this, from the Huckabee Facebook page:

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 4.59.56 PM

Oh sure, the others died but one who survived said that he prayed. I suppose that the others didn’t? 🙂

And also from our Right Wing
Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 8.48.50 PM

Uh, no…these women aren’t the same.

I might live on the same planet as these people, but we live in very different worlds.


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