Social Change

Gay Rights: the anti-gay rights faction is losing corporate America. Example:

PEORIA — Boy Scouts of America may have ended its ban on openly gay scouts, but that wasn’t enough for Caterpillar Inc.
The Peoria-based international company said Wednesday it will no longer fund Boy Scout troops because the BSA still discriminates against gay Scout leaders.
“While we applaud the decision by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that youth may no longer be denied membership on the basis of sexual orientation or preference, the fact remains that the BSA continues a policy that does not allow adult leaders who are open or avowed homosexuals,” the company said in a statement Wednesday.
“Because this policy does not align with Caterpillar’s enterprise policies on discrimination against sexual minorities, the Caterpillar Foundation does not invest in the BSA,” the statement continued.
Historically, the foundation has funded Scout troops, according to spokeswoman Rachel Potts. But when the foundation reviewed a $25,000 grant renewal request from the central Illinois scouting council, W.D. Boyce Council, the foundation reconsidered its funding of all Boy Scout troops.

If they lose corporate America, it is over. 🙂

Civil Rights
This is why I still back affirmative action programs:

This is not to say that I back EVERY affirmative action program or that there aren’t sometimes some abuses in these. I know of NO human program that doesn’t have flaws.

Nevertheless, the evidence is that systematic race based discrimination still exists.

Religion and knowledge
If you think that I am hard on religion, read Jerry Coyne’s rant.

Personally, I am not as serious as Jerry Coyne. I see no evidence that compels me to take the claims of religion seriously. Mano Singham put it well:

What atheists like me say to religious believers is simply the following: If the existence of your god has empirical consequences, then provide empirical evidence that supports your contention. If it has no empirical consequences whatsoever, then say so and we will not interfere with your theological and philosophical ruminations because we do not really care to speculate on the properties of what we consider to be a mythical entity.


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