Some science and discussion of difficult ideas…

Jerry Coyne charts the acceptance of evolution versus the religiosity of a state. He does make one small error though: not ALL opposition to evolution comes from religion. Some of it comes from the fact that science is hard and many (including non-religious people) who hold a “if it doesn’t make sense to me, it must be BS” attitude. The idea that their inability to understand a concept might be a reflection of their mental abilities simply doesn’t occur to them. They see BOTH scientists AND creationists just making stuff up.

Sandwalk (Larry Moran’s blog) picked this up.
He goes on to talk about a conversation he had with an American:

It also reminds me of a conversation I once had with a well-known defender of evolution. That person expressed serious concerns about a possible second civil war if trends continue the way they are going. (It might not mean war, but the point is that the Union is fragile and there are many good reasons for splitting the country.)

I am not optimistic enough to think that our country will split; I sure wish that it would! Again, I don’t mean a hostile split; I’d prefer completely open borders, common currency and passports, military alliance, completely free trade and free travel between the two states; it would be like we’d have a weak confederation of two super states, each super state with its own Congress and executive and Supreme Court. We’d have two separate tax bases and two Constitutions. That way we could have stronger, more effective domestic government and they could have their theocracy.

Physicist Mano Singham has 10 part series on the Higgs Field; I’ve linked to part 10 because each installment links to the previous one. So you can work yourself backwards; each part is a digestible chunk. It really is a fun series.

Getting Published Hey, if you are willing to pay, you can find a conference to accept your paper for presentation and a journal to publish your stuff. Moral: publish in good journals.

Talking to others Many discount data but instead rely on anecdotes. This is one reason the media got the previous election so wrong and why so many don’t know science. This is an example from economics.


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