Superstition This has an interesting part on how living things (with brains) really operate on a “correlation equals causation” program: Skinner’s pigeon experiment:

You hear this a lot. But in reality, you really can’t; if you split your attention you will do a poorer job at everything. That might not be a problem if you are blogging with a game on, but if you are in a classroom, if you attempt to “multitask”, you will miss a LOT and possibly distract others around you. Now there is evidence to bolster my claim.

A Pakistani argues that Pakistan has more of a “reality” problem than an “image” problem.

The South (in the US)
They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that they were in the wrong during the Civil War.

Seen on facebook

Not true for me but that is because my workout sessions are competitions of sorts, and I regularly test myself. Hence I can see the bench press getting weaker (4 x 225 is now 4 x 180), pull ups getting more difficult (sets of 10 instead of 15), and the 5K taking longer to complete (just under 20 to just under 25).

But, on the other hand, I am still doing those activities and the degradation of my performance is really a “numbers” thing. Ok, it is an appearance thing too; the muscles just aren’t as tight as they once were. And, I don’t notice much of a difference during my “day to day” activities; only in the gym, at the race, and in the pool (which I need to return to).

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