The Dilemma of the Middle Aged “Wannabe” Endurance Athlete

Workout notes 2 mile run (17 laps on the indoor track: 9:04 8 laps, 1:05 lap, 7:45 final 8 laps.), then stretching; 100 hip hikes on each side.

Tomorrow: I am signed up for the Cactus Classic “trail marathon” (26.8 miles). Conditions: 50’s, but due to recent snow, the trail may well be a slushy soup.
Good news: lots of fast people will be there, so there is no worry about my having to break new snowdrifts as I did on a recent hike.

Goal: do the first lap (13.4 miles) in under 3:10, second in under 3:40.

Dilemma: the piriformis has been moderately achy.

Why this is a dilemma: the piriformis issue has dogged me for some time (since 2006). But if I quit every time I had an ache of a tingle, I never would do anything at all. I managed a decent set of races (100 miles, then 5:14 walking marathon (road)) in 2009 while managing this chronic condition.
On the other hand, I don’t want to blow my “goal” marathon (May this year).

My compromise: if the piriformis hurts too much (“too much” meaning: pain gets worse after being warmed up and is more than two Naproxen can handle) then I’ll bail after the first 13.4. That should be enough distance (and time on my feet) to aid my training. But this is NOT a license to “quit”; baring knee pain or “bad” piriformis pain, quitting is not an option, even if I am getting cranky and irritable.

So I’ll have a tentative schedule to hit on lap 1: aid station 1 in 28-29, aid station 2 in 1:07-1:08, 3 in 2:01-2:02, 4 in 2:33-2:34. If I am somewhere near this, I should be ok on the first loop. I also have to remember: “turn left” at every trail junction; given the likely mud/snow I can just follow footprints; I think. 🙂

My plan is to do 6/4 (6 minute run, 4 minute walk) while modifying it for trail realities (run more on the better sections, IF there are any to be found).

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Gay Marriage in Illinois

Right now: the gay marriage act passed the Illinois State Senate and the Governor said that he’d sign the bill. But now it is held up in the State House, which, yes, is under Democrat control. But many of these Democrats come from regions where churches have influence.

So I made my voice heard in today’s Peoria Journal Star:

I see the gay marriage issue in terms of public health. There is statistical evidence that marriage enhances both the health and longevity of the couple, and it would be wrong to deny this benefit to our homosexual friends and neighbors.

I note that the current bill has religious exemptions; that is, “faith communities” would not be forced to perform marriages that violate their beliefs.

I strongly urge our state representatives to lead on this issue rather than merely taking polls. I remind people that if it weren’t for some politicians of yesteryear having the courage to lead on civil rights issues, I might not be allowed to be married to the woman that I am today.


I was a bit disappointed in that I haven’t gotten any hate filled responses yet. I was pleasantly surprised that some conservative Republicans actually agreed with me (I know that Dick Cheney does).

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Duane Gish, famous creationist is dead.

I really didn’t know much about him except for the fact that he was a noisy creationist.

I will say: condolences to his friends and family. Here is a clip from one of his debates (a famous incident):

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