Oh Boy…..this weekend

I got Barbara off on her trip. I hope that she made her flights.

Later: I bought some screws to put in my shoes. The good news: they worked well. Bad news: the FPNC trails were a mess. They were “normally snowy” in spots. In others, the drifts were well above the ankle bone; it was literally impossible to even think about running in spots (though I walked). 4.2 miles took 1:41!!! (3.5 took 1:25; normal time to walk these-a-days is 1:05 or so).

The screws did their job, but it was hard to do much in the drifty sections.

If the trails are this bad this weekend, I won’t finish the trail marathon.

The snow really accumulated.

March 6, 2013 Posted by | hiking | 1 Comment