ARRGH!!! Just when I was rolling….

I was writing up a proof for a problem that I had struggled with; but then just as I was typesetting the torturous part of an argument… mind clicked on an apparently slicker, more elegant way to procede. Since I want this paper to be a professional caliber effort, I have to explore this option. 😦 But if it works out….it will be worth it.

Two unrelated thoughts

Evolution in Action


What the heck are these things? Click on the images to find out (at Conservation Report). Yes, these are insects which, evidently, have been naturally selected to blend in where they live. This is a great example of evolution in action via natural selection!

World Events I haven’t spoken much of the Bradley Manning case. To his supporters: he is a courageous whistleblower who is standing up to the excesses of the U. S. Government. And yes, sometimes the U. S. government has done some seriously unethical things.

On the other hand, when one joins the military, one learns it is a serious crime to give away classified information. And to be blunt, the further down on the totem pole you are, the more compartmentalized your knowledge is, and the less able you are to make the determination if this IS a true whistleblower situation. You can’t run a military in which the subordinates can just leak classified information any time they see fit to do so.

So, I have no good answer here.


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