Wyoming State Rep. Hans Hunt has a point….

Via the Huffington Post: a new Wyoming state resident wrote to a junior state lawmaker about a House Bill which would allow for weapons to be carried on schools and college campuses; she mentioned that this bill, should it become law, might make her reconsider staying in the state. The state representative responded:

Mincing no words, Hunt responded thus:

I’ll be blunt. If you don’t like the political atmosphere of Wyoming, then by all means, leave. We, who have been here a very long time (I am proudly 4th generation) are quite proud of our independent heritage. I don’t expect a “mass exodus” from our state just because we’re standing up for our rights.

My guess: while the state paper critiqued the response, I am ok with it. But I’ll add to the bluntness: The United States had an election and the incumbent President won by a large margin (4.9 million votes). If YOU can’t accept that, leave the United States. Note: I am NOT saying “if you don’t like that”; I didn’t like it when President Bush was reelected. But I glumly accepted the verdict.


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  1. The state needs more people and industry… this kind of “love it or leave it” attitude is anti democratic, anti American and simply stupid from a fiscal point of view. It drives people away (and with them their money)… and makes the state look Poduck

    The Midwest and south can hate liberals all they want but they can’t dent this simple fact: the Northeast and West Coast (both HEAVILY Liberal) generate most of the tax dollars and most of the this nation’s GDP. Nor can they deny that states like Wyoming, the Midwest in general and the south in particular, cannot survive without the tax money generated in the Northeast and West being redistributed to them.

    I wonder, where would Wyoming be without all the federal money they soak in?
    In my state, we send $1.40 to DC for every dollar we get back.. WY only sends 47 cents for every federal dollar they absorb. Sounds like “socialism” is a GOOD thing as long as right winger approve of WHO gets the money!

    Comment by john | February 26, 2013 | Reply

    • Frankly, I wouldn’t shed a tear if these red states decided to leave the union

      Comment by blueollie | February 26, 2013 | Reply

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