Declining Fortunes….in many things

Workout notes Disaster. Ok, not a disaster since I didn’t get hurt, but my ego took a beating.
Treadmill (due to ice); first 6 miles were under 1 hour but I had started slowly and added some hill intervals over the last 3 miles. Break. Tortured four miles (stiff after a break) in 41. Break. Three miles…should have pushed for one more but didn’t. Break. Then I tried to get on the mill and was toast; just stiff as a board.

Problem: too hard for the first 6, not enough drinking, and not being prepared for the last bits to be hard. So I ended up with 13 miles. However; I am not that beat up; I’ll do some EASY distance tomorrow.

Sports Commentary

Note: I got to talk to a friend and found out that one of my favorite running friends (a 3:11 marathon runner) doesn’t work out any more; in fact she was described as “being a bit chunky”. Moral: don’t get to wound up on how cute a woman looks in her spandex; she might look good NOW but that has a way of changing over a long period of time.

Also: I remember her when she was winning medals, trophies and awards as if they were going out of style. She really, really pushed herself; HARD. You can only do that for so long.

Though I was never, never, never close to her level of athletic achievement, I did train myself into the ground to walk 100 miles in under 24 hours. I did that, ONCE. I was never quite the same afterward; it was as if I lost a piece of myself on that special day. I did get two 100 mile finishes the next year (and those were hard) and my last “good” walking marathon was 5:12 back in 2009.

But my ability to really dig deep and push myself appears to be gone, just completely gone. I am physically and mentally weak.
As far as this upcoming marathon (May 19): I am planning on finishing it, but my dreams of sub 4 hours are unrealistic. If I finish in 4:45 I’ll declare victory and go home. I simply don’t have the stomach to push myself to anything resembling a respetable performance. And yes, my powerwalking marathon PR is 4:44, but that was in 2002.

Upshot: my days of being performance oriented in running, walking, swimming (which I haven’t done in a while) or lifting are over. I’ll still show up and try, but now, if I finish with some dignity and see some cute spandex, it is good enough. 🙂

End commentary

Evidently the Moron Magnet (aka Creation Museum) isn’t doing so well. I have to agree with Mano Singham: one of the issues is that this “museum” is really a static display; it isn’t as if there are new “discoveries” in creationism to keep the experience fresh. Once you heard “goddidit” and seen Jesus on a dinosaur, well? On the other hand real museums do research, have new exhibit and constantly update themselves as knowledge becomes more advanced.

Economy This is an interesting piece by Paul Krugman:

Pretty much the same thing is going on among pundits now stuck in what Jonathan Chait memorably calls the “fever swamp of the center”. Suppose that some pundit who has spent his whole career calling for bipartisanship, a compromise between the extremes of left and right, were to admit the plain fact that Obama is very much a centrist, who is in particular proposing deficit reduction through exactly the kind of mix of tax hikes and spending cuts “centrist” pundits demand — and that the GOP, by contrast, is an extremist organization whose extremism is almost solely responsible for the bitterness of the partisan divide. A pundit making that admission would in effect be saying that everything he has said and done for the past several years was not just useless but harmful, actively misleading readers about the state of the debate. He just can’t do it.

The point is that a large part of the reason we’re locked into such a mess is careerism. And yes, that’s quite vile, if you think about it: politicians and pundits alike letting the world burn — probably unconsciously, but still — because their personal position would be hurt if they admitted to past mistakes.


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