The older I get the faster I used to be…false memories

This post by Mano Singham reminded me of one of my favorite “false memories”.

No, I was never a good runner; my best short distance races were: a 5:30 mile, 18:57 5K (course? 19:27 on a certified course later that year) and 39:50 for a 10K (Azalea Trail 10K in Mobile, Alabama in 1982).

But I remember trying to get faster and one night, on the Pensacola Junior College track, I “remembered” doing a glorious 8 x 400 meter interval workout, with each 400 being under 75 seconds. What a sweet memory!

Later it occurred to me that I would have been running faster times had I really been able to do that workout.

Eventually, I discovered my old training logs…and looked it up
1. the 8 x 400 workout itself was true; but I did them all in the low 80 second range.
2. I did an 8 x 200 workout where I averaged just under 37 seconds, but that is hardly the same thing.
3. I did ONE workout where I finished ONE 400 in 76 seconds. Not 8…ONE.

Evidently I had set 8 x 400 in 75 AS A GOAL and, over time, it “became” what I actually did.
Unfortunately my memories of being nearly dead last in a 1983 marathon were all too accurate. :-)

Time: 4:24, but that was a “sag wagon” time in those days.

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