Had to Happen Sooner or Later: first bad run of the year.

It didn’t start off that badly: though it was 14 F and breezy (-10 C) I started off ok; 42:21 at 4.0x, (uphill), 1:02:38 at the 6 mile turn around. About mile 7 it went south…I had to walk. Still I was 1:25 at mile 8. I did an out and back from 4 to 5 to hit mile 10 at 1:46:49; slow but not a disaster. But the last 4 took 50 minutes (walked LONG stretches here) so it was 2:37:24 which is 11 minutes slower than 2 weeks ago.

My legs: they have the tell-tale ache of depletion; my guess is that I’ve ramped up the mileage a bit too quickly; the Tuesday 10 miler is leaving me “still tired” for Saturday. Next week: I might try to do the “long run” as a “run/walk” to keep the pace down from the get-go.

But hey, if things aren’t better by mid March, I’ll plan on walking the May marathon instead of trying to run it.


January 26, 2013 - Posted by | marathons, running |

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