Travel Follies Part II: make sure you consume liquids

I am in Austin at the Omni.

Yes, I couldn’t afford this at full price; thanks to the internet I am paying Comfort Inn type rates (cheaper actually) even with taxes and fees added in. The internet is the great economic equalizer…not that Mitt would be caught dead staying here. πŸ™‚
Yes, I am the dork brining fruit and cans of soda into the room…and some stomach stuff.

Follies: Part II
I picked my daughter up but could only eat about half of my (normal sized) meal; I ended up shivering and getting nauseated and light headed. But as I drank more and more, I got colder…but started to feel better. Now I think that I am ok; I am drinking diet Sierra Mist and watching the Sugar Bowl.

What I THINK happened: after breakfast yesterday, I only ate two small apples and two bagels (or two sugar free protein bars); zero EXTRA liquid. The good news is that I didn’t need rest stops very often; the bad news is that, well, I started to feel the way that I felt (mirrors the “dehydrated nausea end of a marathon” feeling, sans fatigue.

So if I am perky tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to see my mom the next day (80’s frail, in a wheel chair for some of the time). If I am sick (as in: “you have a bug”), I won’t be over it by tomorrow and I’ll have to cancel my visit. I doubt that will happen.

If I can run AT ALL tomorrow, then I know that I don’t have a bug.

Anyway, DRINK when you go on long trips (non-alcoholic stuff, of course). Don’t be a dummy like me. πŸ™‚


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