Travel Tips and Follies

A couple of notes:
1. Check your “bathroom/toilet kit” prior to traveling; once again I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste, but remembered floss. 🙂
Hey, there are lots of local drugstores along the way. 🙂

2. When you charge your cell phone, remember to check that your charger is plugged into a live outlet (one that doesn’t need a switch to be turned on).

3. I always take too much; I have a whole bag devoted to sports gear (running shoes, foam roller, exercise device for my shoulder, yoga mat for stretching, trail gaiters, water bottle and carrier, tights, shorts, running jacket, head lamp, etc.

4. One of those steel insulated coffee mugs is pretty good for motels; easy to fill up on coffee to get going.

5. In my family (or by myself), it is NOT unusual to ask myself “do I have the frogs” prior to leaving. Yes, I carry stuffed frogs with me.

6. Magazines make good, portable light reading.

Here is a scorecard of the fiscal cliff deal. Both sides gave a little, got a little.

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In Muskogee, OK

I had a tough time getting going this morning.
Yesterday, we saw the film Lincoln (enjoyed it) and saw the Peoria Players put on Ring-a-Ding-Ding (Frank Sinatra songs); we went with Tracy and Lynn.

As far as the film Lincoln: it felt strange for me to be cheering the Republicans, but I would have been a Republican in those days.

This morning, I managed 3 miles on the treadmill (27:50, or 28:40 for 5K) and then ate breakfast out prior to hitting the road. Evidently I missed some good football games, and one blow out (Purdue vs. Oklahoma State). The Big Ten has had a tough time of it; only Michigan State and Northwestern have won, though Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin played hard, and Nebraska played a good half.

I found out that the House passed the fiscal cliff bill:

And the House Republicans aren’t happy and the Democrats are worried that President Obama might cave during the debt limit ceiling fight.

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