I don’t like winter!

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Ok, I forced myself out into the 20 F degree winter morning (sunny) and attempted to run 10 miles on the East Peoria Trail. There were several 100 meter long ice patches; I’d say about 75 percent of the trail from the Fondulac building to what I call the 5 mile turn around (near Morton) was runnable. But those ice patches wore me out; I was reduced to shuffling and it took me 1:55 to do the course (usually 17-20 minutes less).

Even worse, my legs ached; this was sort of like trail running. I am not used to it. Or I’ll put it another way: the return trip took 1 minute LONGER than the out; usually the return is 4-5 minutes faster.

I saw a couple of other runners out there and a couple of walkers; and there was the usual 18-19 minute a mile couple going out for their 2 mile walk giving the exaggerated GOOD MORNING at about the time I was struggling. I gurgled a greeting back; I wanted to flip them off. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why I hate winter:
1. Snow.
2. Ice
3. Static electricity (I get shocked all winter long, though the use of lotion reduces this somewhat)
4. Cold.
5. Pounds of extra sweaty gear.
6. putting on and peeling off all of that sweaty gear.
7. scraping the car
8. People who like winter, especially couch potatoes who like winter. My response to “I hope that we get snow” is “f*ck you!”.
9. Holidays: socializing that I don’t want to do and travel that I don’t want to do.
10. Early darkness.

Every year, I complain about winter all winter long; I whine and grumble and wish that I had written a better dissertation so I could have landed a job in a warm weather location.

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