Yin/Yang…running and economic negotiations

Workout notes
8 mile run eastpeoriatrail

I felt a bit run down (mild cough for the past 4-5 days) and not that peppy so I decided to only run 8 miles (shoot for 12 this weekend); I slogged to 42:03 at the turn around and did the second half in 35:21 (not that bad). It was 37 F and mostly calm; I encountered a few walkers and one “escaped dog” (playful).

But when I finished, I went to stretch and some old guy went to check on me; evidently I didn’t look too hot when I finished. I admit that I pushed the last mile in 8:10 (hard for me) and was bent over from the waist when I stopped to catch my breath. I didn’t FEEL that bad though; the stretching made me feel loose and I was able to stop at the grocery store on the way home.

We haven’t had snow yet (some is coming tomorrow) and we’ve had only a bit of cold weather. I admit that I don’t like it, but well..


The yin: it is frustrating that I am not fast enough to catch up to get a better look.
The yang: it speeds me up thereby giving me better workout that I would have ordinarily had.

Fiscal Cliff
Paul Krugman is worried about the negotiations; it appears to him that President Obama is in the process of doing all of the giving. To those who are worried: I recommend David Corn’s book Showdown; it describes how President Obama negotiates. He is shrewder than he might appear. In a nutshell: he does the calculation: “do the disadvantaged classes/people who need it the most get as much as reasonably possible”? If so, he’ll make the deal, even if it might appear that he got “rolled”. It took me some time to finish that book, but I can recommend it.

Huckabee is still clueless

Mr. Huckabee: there is no evidence that religion reduces homicide, either in the United States or in the world. No, these statistics won’t convince the fundamentalists but hopefully these will show that evidence for the conjecture “becoming more religious reduces homicide in a society” is simply not there; it fact it suggest that the reverse “might” be the case (data is too noisy to be convincing).


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