Wet Running: one reason I like lousy weather

Today’s run/walk: it was 45 F and rainy; there was a brisk breeze. I went to the East Peoria (paved) bikepath. Time for the 8 mile run: 1:16:55 (41:36 out, 35:09 back; that is a 6:27 difference over 4 miles!) I saw the effects of the downhill and the tail wind on the way back; and yes, I put more effort into it. “miles” on the way back: “9:31 (1.02?), 8:31 (big downhill), 8:40, 8:29.

My glasses fogged up a bit (have to find a good anti-fogging agent), and I felt the piriformis just a bit (milder than when I walk).

Training wise: this week has been somewhat typical
Monday: 3 miles running (quicker last 1.5 miles) on the treadmill, weights.
Tuesday: 12 mile run
Wednesday: weights, 5 mile walk (easy)
Thursday: 4 mile trail hike.
Friday: 3 miles treadmill running (quicker 2 miles), weights
Saturday: 8 mile run, 2 mile walk.
Sunday: off; some stretching (going to an NFL game)

I want to add swimming back in (2 short swims) and be intentional to stretch after weights. Maybe I can add one yoga class somewhere.

As far as people: zero people for the first 3.8 miles or so; then I saw 3 dog walkers near the turn around. Then on the way back I passed one walker, saw one cyclist and saw one other dog walker. Then I walked 2 more miles and saw no one; that is 6 people over 10 miles. Talk about having the path to myself!

Of course, I wouldn’t have minded a be-spandexed lady running an 8:30-8:40 pace to inspire me; in this type of weather I prefer them to wear red, light blue or sliver/white spandex as it becomes transparent when wet. But sometimes it happens to black spandex. 🙂

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 4.37.18 PM


December 15, 2012 - Posted by | big butts, injury, running, spandex

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