I’ve got to get back to a yoga class…..

I noticed that I am overall stiffer and my back is staying “mildly sore”, especially when I sit for too long. So if I can’t discipline myself to do a bit of yoga (daily) on my own, I’ll have to get back to a class of some sort.

Other reasons why:
(in each case, click on the photo too see the larger one at the source)










These photos are from asterix611 on Flickr (creative commons license); there are hundreds of “outdoor yoga” photos…mostly shot from “normal angles”. 🙂 The vast majority of his Flickr photos are excellent “large gathering” and “scenery” shots (many of New York City); these represent a tiny percentage of his photos (example: like these: first from the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the second from the John Lennon Day gathering). I want to make it clear that it was *I* who cherry picked the photos to see, NOT the photographer who shot these among thousands of other shots. 🙂



December 14, 2012 - Posted by | big butts, photos, spandex, Uncategorized, yoga

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