When a walk and a State Senate Race goes bad…

Well, today, I had intended to walk a little and then lift. But they day was too pretty; my planned 4 mile walk (leisurely 14:30 pace) became a 13.1 mile walk at the same pace; basically I walked to the end of Heading, walked back (8 miles plus) and then did a hilly 5 mile segment that included Cornstalk hill; 5 in total.

Local Politics
Pat Sullivan is running against Dave Koehler in the IL-46’th. At first Koehler’s ads were positive and Sullivan launched negative attack ads. Then, in the height of hypocrisy, Sullivan responded with ads that attacked Koehler for running negative ads!

As you can tell, Sullivan is a Republican. Even worse, Sullivan had Aaron Schock and Barbara Van Auken attacking Koehler for his counter attack! I am beyond disgusted.

Pat Sullivan: yes, he has had success with business development. But that is about it; he doesn’t even appear to be interested in the nuances and complexities of the issues that the state faces; his whole pitch (besides the disgusting attacks) is “vote for me; I’ll fix it!”; one of his famous appeals is that he’ll put Illinois on an “oatmeal diet”. What the hell does that mean: will we ignore our schools and our infrastructure? He is a disaster waiting to happen.

Fortunately Koehler still leads in the polls, though the polls are starting to tighten.


October 21, 2012 - Posted by | Illinois, Peoria, Peoria/local, republicans, republicans politics, walking

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