How Did I get here?

Workout notes: lifting over lunch:
rotator cuff (pulley, dumbbell)
pull ups: 5 sets of 10 (instead of 4; quality was a bit off on some)
supersets (3 sets each): rows (200, 230 for 10 reps), pull downs (160 x 10), curls (50 x 10 pulley)
bench press: 10 x 135, 9 x 165, 7 x 165, 6 x 165
(supersetted with vertical leg lifts)
incline/dumbbell military superset: 6 x 135 on incline, 15 x 45 seated military (2 sets each)
On the military press, I hit something in the “fold” of one of my fingers and it hurt like crazy…didn’t stop me though)

Yes, it was mostly undergraduate students and well, the guys made me look……weak ….weak…weak…

How in the hell did I get this F*cking weak? This morning’s run: 10:12 pace. How did I ever get this slow?????

Oh well….one goes from trying to improve to trying to retard one’s decline. There are those my age who can’t do any of this and I won’t be able to do it forever either.

Yes, my last two posts have been ….

And I really miss Lynn at yoga…… 🙂


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Bursting my Bubble: no inoculation from life

Workout notes
5 mile run in 51:04 (9:08 final 1.03). Not much traffic but I did feel the piriformis, slightly. I was 10:30 at 1.03 and 26:00 at the half way (downhill). I did some stretches afterward; for some reason I was stiff and heavy legged at the start.

I wondered whether to watch President Clinton or the Giants-Cowboys last night. I got sleepy and did neither; I did watch the first half of the game (which the Cowboys won, much to my surprise) and from what I saw, the Cowboys simply played better football than the Giants.

My friends are buzzing about President Clinton’s speech which I will see on youtube.

But that wasn’t what was on my mind when I was running.

I admit that I sometimes look at my life and regret that I’ve underachieved so badly. Why didn’t I do better? Why am I such a failure? Why didn’t I do more? I suppose that is human.

But then I get unrealistic when I think: “if I would have succeeded instead of failed, I would not have to put up with…….” (insert a life problem here)

Then I read this. Yes, Paul Krugman made a point about healthcare (e. g., if you have an emergency, you aren’t going to “shop around” like you would for a car). But the point is that winning a Nobel Prize didn’t shield him from having a parent get old and sick.

I read this. Winning the Fields Medal (the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in mathematics) didn’t keep him from getting sick and dying at 65.

I read this. Yep, here is a Harvard scientist who got caught faking data.

Sure, being successful might have lead to a higher paying job, teaching better students, having more time to do research, etc. But it wouldn’t have turned me into superman nor would it have inoculated my loved ones from having bad things happen to them.

And there is no reason I can’t “blog less, research more” and aim for the level of success that I am capable of reaching instead of having this “Annals of Math else it is no good” attitude. (note: Annals of Mathematics is the world’s finest mathematics journal; it is where the National Academy of Science level people publish).

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THANK YOU READERS! One Million Hits…

I know that this isn’t much compared to big-time blogs but:

Oh yes, a troll on the Richard Dawkins twitter account called me an idiot for being an atheist. 🙂
And…I got a teapartytard who didn’t understand that when a factory closes, there is often a small crew which handles outstanding back orders and handles the physical closing of the plant.

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Fighting Back

The Republicans don’t like a contest:

Still, some in the Republican base are searching and searching:

Really? Well, the library was officially opened in May 2007. So I suppose that President Bush visited it. 🙂

But seriously, why would he visit this place? Why do the fundies feel so entitled to have their worldview taken seriously???

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