10 fun miles plus Galesburg Half Marathon Photos

Workout notes 10 mile run on the East Peoria trail. Cool, dry. First mile felt TERRIBLE; it took almost 11 minutes and I was ready to quit. The first 5K took almost 34. But by then I had started to sweat and was finally warmed up; I was 53:57 at the turn around and took 48:58 for the trip back. Last mile was 8:36 (from the stick). Time: 1:42:55, over 1 minute faster than last week.

Sights: rabbits, chipmunks, and a nice spandex lady on a bike who said “Hi Ollie” (went past too fast and was in a “almost tuck” so I didn’t recognize her.

Galesburg Half Marathon Photos

One comment: since I walk the longer distance races (half marathons and beyond) I finish with the slower runners. Normally, I end up finishing among the heaver runners, especially the ladies. But this time, though I was with a hand full of “heavy by runner standards” ladies early on, over the final 10K or so everyone I saw was slender! I think that was because it was a warm day, and warm days penalize heavier people just a bit more.

At the start. I started pretty far back (too far back) and spent much of the first 1.5 miles weaving around 20 minute a mile walkers, slow runners, run/walkers, etc. Note: a 5K started at the same time.

Another shot of the start.

At the finish..yeah, my knees were questionable (race walking requires that one’s support leg be straight, and though this was a running race, I like to try to race walk)

Not me. I passed her at about mile 5…I really didn’t want to but it was a race after all.

Note: this was me, at a judged 3km racewalk in 2004: (18:03 was my time)

My body has changed over the past 8 years. 😦

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