Inaccurate quoting?

Of course, Sarah Palin complained that here words were twisted. Here is the whole interview.

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Mitt in the South, Crazy Rick and Hypocrisy

Workout notes
I was lazy today. Slept in; managed weights plus 5 miles of running (untimed). It was unseasonably warm; I wore shorts. There was some young woman in shorts and a jog bra motoring along at what I would guess to be 6:30-7:00 minutes per mile; I didn’t try to keep up with her. In fact, I didn’t even think about it. 🙂

rows (6 x 270, 10 x 230, 10 x 230), pull downs (3 sets of 10 x 160), curls (3 sets of 10 x 50 pulley), rotator cuff
bench and sit ups: 8 x 20 sit ups between other sets, bench: 10 x 135, 6 x 170, 4 x 175, 9 x 165
incline and sit ups: 10 x 135, 8 x 135
pull ups and sit ups: 3 sets of 10, then 7 + 3 (brief rest to adjust grip)
dumbbell rotator cuff and 2 sets of 15 x 45 lb. dumbbell military (seated)

Fun video:
About those “before and after” shots:

Are politicians bigger hypocrites than the rest of us? Probably not; but they are under the spotlight and therefore more likely to get caught.

Are you a male and do you turn into an idiot around women? You aren’t alone. 🙂

Obama campaign supporters to Sarah Palin: PLEASE keep talking.

What is the deal about coverage of contraception? This New Yorker piece by Margaret Talbot has an interesting insight: it is mostly seen as a way of attacking Obamacare. But…well, even conservative women like birth control. There is yet another irony:

Indeed, social conservatives seem to see a bigger threat to marriage from committed gay couples who want in on it than from straight ones who opt out of it. Maybe Santorum doesn’t say much about the decline because the people who are currently marrying more, divorcing less, and having fewer children out of wedlock—the people who are more apt to have what the researcher W. Bradford Wilcox calls “the marriage mind-set”—are not his people. They are Americans with college degrees (the snobs). Many of them live in households where the wife is the economic powerhouse, and professionally accomplished. Talking about them might mean giving blue-state liberals a little credit. And, besides, there are many reasons for the decline in marriage, including some that are usually the province of Democrats (the loss of blue-collar jobs) and some that are irreversible social trends (women have higher expectations of marriage). It would be hard, even for the current Republican field, to pin them all on the President.

Today’s Southern Primaries
Willard “Mittens” Romney is saying that the Federal Government can “learn from Mississippi”. Really…Mississippi is number 1, in terms of the ratio of money from the Federal government to the money it gives the Federal government. It got 31 million from the Feds and returned 11 million to the Feds. (2007-2009). Note: Katrina was in 2005.

Now Mr. Romney “connects” with his southern audience:

And then “Crazy” Rick Santorum is telling us that because plants breathe carbon dioxide, it must be ok. 🙂

Hey, why don’t we ask him to put a plastic bag over his head then? When he comes to (and yes, we will revive him; remember that we are liberals), he might be in a better position to listen? 🙂

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