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Some stuff that makes me smile

I haven’t seen this side of him in a while. 🙂

Some stuff that makes me feel a little better
Sure, Mr. Santorum may have missed his best chance to derail Mr. Romney, though Mr. Romney’s win was not exactly a show of strength, as Nate Silver explains:

Imagine that general elections were held, as presidential primaries are, one state at a time.

One week, it was Rhode Island’s turn to vote. The Democratic candidate, who had initially held a large lead in the polls there, slumped after unexpectedly losing Minnesota and Colorado to an upstart Republican opponent. But the Democrat rebounded, took advantage of his natural strengths in the state, and his base voters came through. Polls on election night suggested that the race was a tossup, but the Democrat ended up winning by 3 percentage points.

Pop quiz: Did the Democrat have a good night?

Not really. Surely he had a better night than if he had lost the state. But a Democrat who wins Rhode Island by only 3 points isn’t likely to win the election.

You probably see the analogy here. […]

Of course, Mr. Romney was just outraged that Mr. Santorum got perhaps 2-3 extra percentage points from Democrats.

Uh, Mr. Romney:

Pot, meet Kettle.

Note: I have a liberal friend in Michigan who said that he got calls from BOTH the Romney camp AND the Santorum camp. This goes against the claim that Mr. Santorum made about just reaching out to “Reagan Democrats” and points out that Mr. Romney, or at least someone who wanted him to win, made calls to Democrats on his behalf.

Of course, Mr. Romney is popular with the wealthy. But with small donors: not so much:

Gee, I wonder why? 🙂

Paul Krugman on Shrillness
Telling the unvarnished truth (as you see it) constitutes being shrill:

Early on in my tenure at the Times, I felt I had no choice but to point out the inconvenient truth that the official line of the commentariat was all wrong. George W. Bush was not a nice, blunt, honest guy who happened to be a conservative; he was a serial liar pursuing a hard-line agenda, who among other things deliberately misled America into war.

For this I was labeled “shrill”.

More than that: throughout these past ten-plus years, it has been considered ill-mannered and uncouth, not to mention unacceptably partisan, to suggest that the parties aren’t symmetric — that, for example, the reluctance of Democrats to cut Social Security and Medicare is not equivalent to the GOP’s consistent pursuit of huge unfunded tax cuts, that the occasional desire of Democrats to put evidence in a more favorable light is not equivalent to the constant, raw dishonesty emanating from the right. And pundits in good standing have been expected to make calls for bipartisanship that involve pretending that Republican politicians are actually the kind of statesmen the party used to contain, but no longer does.[…]

I agree with Mr. Krugman: from what I can tell, what we are seeing in the Republican party now started with President Reagan.

Richard Dawkins
In some debates and in some interviews, Mr. Dawkins admitted that he wasn’t 100 percent sure that no god existed and that it is reasonable to posit a “deist” type deity. The press went wild about Dawkins somehow finding faith. But….he said the very same things in his book The God Delusion. Interesting…but yes, he is an atheist and so am I.

I admit that for all of his PMS’y posturing (full of obscenities), I really like The Legal Satyricon. Randazza takes on tough topics with logic and writes with a great deal of clarity. Here he talks about our knee jerk reaction to sex-offenders (in terms of where they can and can’t live).

This sort of article won’t win him friends in the general public, but I doubt that this matters to him. The upshot: policy decisions should never be made in anger. The criteria: does this policy REALLY make us safer, or does it just provide the emotional satisfaction that we are doing something.


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