I don’t believe this for one second…

From the New York Times:

But this is hardly the first time that yoga’s enlightened facade has been cracked by sexual scandal. Why does yoga produce so many philanderers? And why do the resulting uproars leave so many people shocked and distraught?

One factor is ignorance. Yoga teachers and how-to books seldom mention that the discipline began as a sex cult — an omission that leaves many practitioners open to libidinal surprise.

Hatha yoga — the parent of the styles now practiced around the globe — began as a branch of Tantra. In medieval India, Tantra devotees sought to fuse the male and female aspects of the cosmos into a blissful state of consciousness.

The rites of Tantric cults, while often steeped in symbolism, could also include group and individual sex. One text advised devotees to revere the female sex organ and enjoy vigorous intercourse. Candidates for worship included actresses and prostitutes, as well as the sisters of practitioners.

Hatha originated as a way to speed the Tantric agenda. It used poses, deep breathing and stimulating acts — including intercourse — to hasten rapturous bliss. In time, Tantra and Hatha developed bad reputations. The main charge was that practitioners indulged in sexual debauchery under the pretext of spirituality.

Early in the 20th century, the founders of modern yoga worked hard to remove the Tantric stain. They devised a sanitized discipline that played down the old eroticism for a new emphasis on health and fitness. […]

At Rutgers University, scientists are investigating how yoga and related practices can foster autoerotic bliss. It turns out that some individuals can think themselves into states of sexual ecstasy — a phenomenon known clinically as spontaneous orgasm and popularly as “thinking off.”

The Rutgers scientists use brain scanners to measure the levels of excitement in women and compare their responses with readings from manual stimulation of the genitals. The results demonstrate that both practices light up the brain in characteristic ways and produce significant rises in blood pressure, heart rate and tolerance for pain — what turns out to be a signature of orgasm.

Since the baby boomers discovered yoga, the arousal, sweating, heavy breathing and states of undress that characterize yoga classes have led to predictable results.

Really? You mean seeing women bent over in half might, well, arouse a healthy male?


February 28, 2012 - Posted by | big butts, spandex, yoga


  1. can’t lie? if she was in bending over like that??? I’m not sure what i might do to her? she got a sexy butt! then veronica cabrera! that’s for sure!

    Comment by tom | September 23, 2014 | Reply

  2. lol, if you don’t feel it will work that is the whole problem.. You have, you must know that it will work because more than half of anything to work is belief.

    I mean yes working out like doing squats lunges kickbacks they all target that area and more but they won’t do a bit of good unless your in it to win it. You must feel that it is working and if you don’t’ do it more. for some people their threshold may be a higher one so working out those areas faster slower may work too.

    The main thing I discovered when I did have mine was you can’t just give up or it’ll go away… if you stop working out it’s like when inflating a balloon.. if you stop what happens? So there you go. I mean I still have it it’s just not as round of a shape or as inflated as I’d like ti to be which I can changed.

    Comment by bellina | September 9, 2016 | Reply

  3. yo i these kinda asses in sex clubs, and you know what i do, i bend em over rip their pants and drill my 10 incher into their ass!

    Comment by Jhon Campbell | February 13, 2018 | Reply

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