Religion and Public life: points, counter points, UK and the US

Workout notes
walking (4 miles) plus swimming. Walking: 13:35, 12:13, 11:20, 9:56 (just straight walking) Ok; better than last week (47:03 this time)
Swimming: I was a bit tired going into the pool. 2200 yards total:
250 fist/free, 250 (free/back), 500 (25 fly, 75 free), 500 (side/free), 700 pyramid (4 x 25, 4 x 50, 4 x 100; 5 sec. rest between each rep).
In the latter set: a faster young woman was swimming in the next lane alternating back and free. I’d catch her on her back phase and get ahead. Then she’d gain on me in the free phase and then get ahead of me on the next flip turn…then I’d catch her again (I was doing free only).

It is sometimes fun to have someone to chase. I also put my side stroke against the other woman’s (Ms. Brown suit) free style.

Economics Robert Reich says “WTF” to President Obama’s proposed corporate tax cut. I have to admit that I don’t see the reason for it either.

David Brooks: is the USA really now the “talent society”? He claims that our new, more individualistic society has lead to people maximizing their own talents, hence the new wide spread between the talented and the untalented (wealthy and non-wealthy). He proposes some sort of new “old school” type society structure for those at the bottom.

My take: “huh?” Since when is getting lucky on the stock market “talent”? (note: if you have 100,000 chimps picking stocks, you’ll probably have a few be successful on statistical grounds). This is just another failed attempt for a Republican to justify the wide spread we are seeing between the super wealthy and the rest of us; in fact economic policy had a great deal to do with it.

Religion, society and politics
In the UK, as in the US, Islam is not popular with conservatives…until…..they get elected and start decrying the “increasing secularism” in society. (psst: I TOLD you that Muslims would make GREAT Republicans! Yes…I know this is the UK…)

The silver lining is that this might make some say “oh….a secular society protects me from having religious influences that I DO NOT LIKE influencing me”. The ironic thing is that a secular society might be even MORE beneficial to “people of faith” than it is to atheists. After all, a Christian prayer at a public event is just meaningless babble to me; however it can be blasphemy to those of a different religion.

Rick Santorum: point/counter point
Note that, up to now, I had no “Rick Santorum” category. I really felt that he was a kook who didn’t deserve one. Well, many candidates are gone and he is still standing (how, I’ll never know….why Willard “Mitt” Romney hasn’t put him away by now just baffles me).

So what about him? No, I still say he has little chance at the Republican nomination.
But he really gets under the skin of some liberal women; I am friends with some on facebook and I’ve read hysterical shrieks “oooh, he has declared WAR on women and …..” “oh, he is going to try to make birth control illegal” (false), etc.

Now let me be clear: I think that Mr. Santorum is a clueless clown who is completely out of touch with reality. Reason: he takes the religious BS seriously (and goes beyond his own church in some cases; e. g. evolution). His stands on WHAT INSURANCE SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO COVER is absurd for many reasons. And I’ll be blunt: I’d vote for myself over him (I wouldn’t say the same for Mr. Romney).

So we have point/counter point about Mr. Santorum:

Maureen Dowd talks about Mr. Santorum’s hang up with human sexuality and says that it is best to view him as a “mullah wannabe”.

Kathleen Parker says that you can understand his positions when you understand how seriously he takes his religion.

As far as Ms. Parker’s case: perhaps, but this guy takes religion seriously too:


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