Evolution acceptance, family values and economic status

Off to yoga class in a few minutes; last night I stayed up later than normal because of a basketball game. The men won their game; this is only the second conference win of the season. But they played great defense last night and held Indiana State to 17 first half points.

I also got caught up in trying to figure out what should be an easy identity. I’ll have to work a bit harder; the book I am using (Bruce Palka’s Introduction to Complex Function Theory) is very old school…and challenging.

Evolution and Education
Jerry Coyne (University of Chicago biology professor) is shocked, just shocked I tell you..that a university student newspaper would publish an article by a creationist student who saw evolution as only as a competing theory.

I think that being at an elite university shields you from what is “out there”; the sad fact is that many people, including “educated” people would find the article to be “reasonable” (and no, I don’t but ….).

My guess as to why this is the case: science is hard and relatively few take the time to learn it properly and, well, I’ll be blunt: only a minority of people CAN learn science properly.

Science and religious belief
We know that scientists are more atheistic/agnostic than the general public and that the level of disbelief goes up with the quality of scientists (the most elite are the most unbelieving). It turns out that the data shows that the lack of belief among scientists also goes up with age. The more one thinks about it, the more realizes that there is no cosmic puppet master pulling the strings.

You know how many blame inner city blacks for their own poverty by pointing out their lack of moral/family values? Well the same thing is happening to the lower (economic) class whites too…..Paul Krugman talks about it here and here. Upshot: it is tough to raise a family if one doesn’t have a good paying job, and more and more one needs a ton of education (and some luck) to get such a job.


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