The Stupid: it burns….just burns…

Chris Christie should know better
Christie is upset that a gay marriage law might end up on his desk; he threatened to veto it. He thinks that gay rights ought to be decided by popular referendum? (uh, we have a liberal democracy, not a “majority rule” but never mind). But he said something that was incredibly stupid:

The fact of the matter is, I think people would have been happy to have a referendum on civil rights rather than fighting and dying in the streets in the South.”

Uh, he really thinks that southern whites of that time period would have “granted” rights to the blacks? What planet is this clueless idiot person living on? Ok, Mr. Christie isn’t an idiot but he sure screwed up when he said that and he isn’t known for admitting to making mistakes.

As far as those who aren’t in politics
Our newspaper decided to publish this letter to the editor as “in the spotlight”; they said that this woman (Gina Zindt) is an “administrator in higher education”; in fact she is a human resource director for Knox College (NOT an academic).

She doesn’t like President Obama (nothing wrong with that) but she goes on to blame HIM for gridlock in Congress???

The absence of effective leadership from Obama has directly caused the immeasurable dysfunction of Congress. First, Obama doesn’t know his sport. He has no meaningful leadership knowledge or experience. He refuses to visualize outcomes from both Democratic and Republican perspectives. Rather, he continually fuels the division between them by blaming Republicans. Congress has never been more polarized: They are deadlocked on almost every issue because of his inability to inspire or motivate. It’s no wonder that Congress has its lowest approval rating ever.

Like Congress, we the people are more polarized than ever before. From the Tea Party to the Occupy movement – and all the passions in between – voters are beyond disappointed. We are disgusted and angry. But we can’t get lost in the seemingly endless infighting that will go on during all the campaigning this year. We simply must stay focused on the goal: removing Obama from our White House.

Uh, well, thought I don’t like John Boehner, even HE can’t keep his own caucus in line. From David Frum

At some point, Speaker John Boehner was going to have to show the most conservative members of his caucus that he would get work done in the House without them.

Yesterday revealed that day has not yet come. The ramifications of the failure to pass the Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY12 in the House will be far-reaching. It’s true that Democrats took advantage of the Tea Party defections from the GOP leadership and aided in killing the CR. But this was the second embarrassment on a critical vote for the House Republican leadership this year.

Rep. Eric Cantor had predicted that the votes were there to pass the CR. “All is well.” It wasn’t.

In blunt terms, the Speaker asked his caucus to endorse a deal that the House of Representatives had made with the Administration. The CR conformed to the Budget Control Act that was passed to increase the debt ceiling. The House and its Speaker had made a deal. The CR was the natural legislative result of that deal.

This was not perfidy on the part of the President, or some RINO conspiracy. This was the word of the House of Representatives, given and vouched for by the Speaker to the President. For members of his own caucus to publicly fail to help the Speaker keep his commitment shows that Republicans in the House (and in the country) are divided. They are in danger of becoming the equivalent of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo after the Third Balkan War.

If the United States had a parliamentary system, the Speaker would have to step down. His leadership of his own party has been repudiated by the right of the right.

My goodness; to think that people like this live among us.
In this woman’s “mind” (or what passes for a mind), President Obama is some uncompromising liberal. WRONG.

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Indoors and distractions

Workout notes
The morning came up icy (just below freezing, an inch of snow lead to slick morning roads). So I passed up the outdoor 5K run and did a lifting workout followed by a 10K on a track (50 laps of an indoor track).

I did my usual routine at a slightly slower pace.
Circuit one
rotator cuff (pulley), rows (Hammer Machine), curls (pulley), pull downs (lat machine)
row: 10 x 180, 10 x 230, 10 x 230
curl: 10 x 42, 10 x 47, 10 x 50
pull down: 10 x 140, 10 x 160, 10 x 160

Circuit two
Bench press plus sets of 20 sit ups (one after each bench press set)
10 x 135, 3 x 175, 5 x 170

Circuit three
Pull ups followed by sit ups (20 at the highest incline)
7, 7, 6, 6. The 7’s were done with knuckles facing me, the 6’s were done in a shoulder friendly position (knuckles facing sideways)

Circuit four
Incline bench press with one more set of sit ups:
7 x 135, 6 x 135

Circuit five

I finished with dumbbell rotator cuff exercises and two sets of 15 x 40 lb. dumbbell military presses.

Then I stretched and ran 10K on the track: my time was 56:50 for 50 laps (about 6.25 miles, slightly longer than 10K)

9:38, 9:21 (18:59), 9:12 (28:11), 8:57 (37:09), 8:47 (45:57), 8:40 (54:38), 2:12 (56:50)

Note that I was mostly by myself for the first 4-4.5 miles and then I paced off of one young woman for about .5 miles (4.5 to 5) and then took it in on my own.

Evidently I am almost over my illness; this 56:50 was only 30 seconds slower than what I did at a 10K race this September, and I had a warm up prior to that and I didn’t lift weights first. Then again, this was a springy track with no wind, hills, pot holes, etc. But it wasn’t a bad workout.

One funny note: near the track there is a mat where people can stretch or work with an exercise ball. As I completed one of the middle laps I saw a woman with a larger butt doing this (facing away from the track, almost perpendicular to it:

(click on the thumbnail to see the full size photo).

I got distracted for just a moment and regretted not having a camera. Well, not really.

Then again, had I seen this, I might have gotten a heart attack:

(click on the thumbnail for the full size photo)

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Snowy Saturday…sort of

Ok, it was just an inch and the roads are somewhat clear. Nevertheless, I’ll be lifting and then doing a short run on the track this morning.


Note: Presidents of both parties have been complaining about his “hold” policy for years. Yes, I thought it was dumb even when President Bush was in office. There might be some breakthrough in reaching an agreement to at least amend some of these procedures.

I don’t have the data on Senate holds but I do know that the Republicans have used the filibuster at an unprecedented rate.

Newt Gingrich and his Super Pac “Winning our Future”
Here is a Gingrich ad:

(note: Mr. Huckabee said that he was taken out of context and did NOT endorse the ad)

Winning Our Future’s ad

Notice how slick this ad is and how is very quickly slips in the appropriate disclaimers; Mitt Romney is never exactly accused of any direct wrongdoing. In fact, this ad presents what is old news in Massachusetts. But the tone is designed to scare the voters rather than to inform them. Very devious…:)

So how well are the candidates themselves doing on truthfulness? Here Nate Silver makes an analysis; one should read Mr. Silver’s cautions though.

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What they didn’t do and what they didn’t say….

Workout notes
Slept in but made the 7 am swim. 1000 in 19:38 (way slow), 5 x 100 on 2 (1:50-1:53), 3 x 100 IM.
The swim felt pleasant but wasn’t much exercise (just over 1 mile)

Mormon Practice: Baptizing the Dead
I was a bit surprised to see atheists being upset over this:

Gawker’s substantial Mormon readership has come through for us: Two readers have sent us confirmation that Edward Davies, Mitt Romney’s militantly atheist father-in-law, was indeed posthumously converted to Mormonism by his family, despite the fact that when he was alive he regarded all religions as “hogwash.”

Just to set the record straight: this is NOT lying about a “death bed conversion”; no one is claiming that this man DID anything. And no, this isn’t desecrating a burial place as nothing physical was done. (I said these two things right off of the bat because I got remarks such as these).

My question: why does any atheist care who does what ceremony in whose name? Sure, right now, I’d be a bit concerned if some religious leader condemned me to death in some spiritual sense but ONLY because some whack job might attack me. But aside from direct physical acts, who cares? Really…those nut jobs who baptized the dead are DOING NOTHING AT ALL. It is the same as some kid pretending to cast a spell or something. Really….

They didn’t say that
Though I sometimes talk politics, I don’t like it when people repeat stuff that isn’t true. One of the favorite memes of the polyester pants set is that Al Gore said that he “invented the internet”. He never said that. He was clearly talking about policy and legislation and while you might argue that he took too much credit, he clearly was not talking about “inventing it”.

But this is not a left-right issue.
Dan Quayle never intimated that people in Latin America speak Latin; this meme came from a comedian’s joke.

And no, Spandex Sarah (Sarah Palin) never said that “she could see Russia from her house” though she did (correctly) say that you can see a part of Russia from a part of Alaska. The “seeing Russia from her house” was a Tina Fey joke.
This is what she really did say (which was bad enough):

Living in a Bubble
Joe Paterno died recently. My view: he was a good coach who did a lot right (gave back to community, got his players to graduate, etc.) but what he did wrong (NOT calling the police) was inexcusable; he should have been fired IMHO. It appeared to me that he was more concerned with his job and legacy than stopping a horrendous wrong.

Nevertheless, at the funeral, you are seeing much sentiment at how Paterno was giving a raw deal (example, example)

The pro-Paterno people are living in some bubble, I think. My guess is that this will hurt them in the long run; note that this year the got the Big Ten 7’th pick (8’th if you count the Michigan Sugar Bowl team) despite their fine on the field record. Some of that was the scandal, but this type of blind loyalty to Paterno isn’t helping.

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