Silly Friday: workout notes, Parent FAILS, Spandex and Transparent Pants..

Workout notes
Weights: the only difference is that I did curls with the EZ curl bar and that I got 9 x 155 and 5 x 165 on the bench press.

Swim: the usual 2200 yards: 500 of fist/free, 500 of kick/free (fins), 500 of back/free (50’s on the 1:10), 500 alternating 100 pull, 100 free, then 100 side, 75 fly kick, and yes 25 fly (fins).

There is a site that catalogs parent FAILS: The Proud Parents.

(to see the FAIL, look in the lower right hand corner of the photo that you can get to by clicking on the thumbnail)

Anyway….there is much more of the above there.

Spandex and VPLs

Sporty Spandex

If you like track women and enjoy checking out their legs and butts, you won’t see a better photo collection than this one. This is but one partial photo from 65+ pages of photos!

(click the cropped photo to see the full photo; there are other ladies dressed just like this in the original!)

Ok, there are a few photos of men too, but who cares about them? 😉


If you like women in thin white pants with very visible panties, well, this photo collection is for you. This is a collection of hundreds of photos of women wearing either white or light colored all-but-transparent pants.

Now I’ll have to fess up: I don’t know why I like these sort of photos.
Yes, I know why I find women attractive: I was designed to. Daniel Dennett talks about this here:

But why the visible panties? After all, our ancestors did without these up until recently, so this can’t really be an evolved taste. And interestingly, my attraction to this has only a little bit to do with how attractive the woman is; there is something like “OMG, she is wearing THAT” that attracts me. I suppose if I grew up in a culture where this was the norm that I wouldn’t be quite so attracted to this; perhaps it is the perceived “sluttiness” or “daring” or even the “cluelessness” or the “indifference”; something is at work here. I suspect that it is more of a mental reaction.

As far as the track women: that is more easily explainable: healthy, strong women SHOULD be attractive to me.

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