20 September 2011 PM

Workout notes
I ran my “almost 10K” course in 59:17; I was 10:08 at 1.05 miles and took 9:25 to do the last 1.05 miles. I was 49:52 prior to the final stretch. The weather was cool and overcast.

I didn’t go to yoga; my dinner didn’t digest all that well and so I slept a bit more.

Note: the run was actually pretty easy for the first 35 minutes or so; then it became increasingly harder. I was talking to myself on the last big uphill.


Science: This is Lisa Randall talking about her new book (she is a cosmologist) I still need to finish her book Warped Passages.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s supporters are a bunch of crazed anti-American lunatics. See: according to the Republicans, THEIR agenda is the “American agenda”. Not a better idea, but the AMERICAN agenda.

Tea Party Mano Singham points out that some tea party types see the need for infrastructure repair..they just don’t see the need to pay for it.

Politics What if the 2000 election was decided by the popular vote? Yes, we all know that Mr. Gore got more votes than Mr. Bush, but remember that the candidates ran a strategy for maximizing their chances to win the electoral college. This article is a nice analysis for political junkies.

Predictably, we are hearing BWAAAAK, CLASS WARFARE. There are times when I doubt that the Republican brain is fully functioning; they do a good enough job with business profits (e. g., running their competitors out of business and slashing their own payrolls) and a good job of invading and conquering countries. Thinking: not so much. One of their “pull string” lines is to point out that “the wealthy are only x percent of the population but pay y percent of the taxes”…never mind their incomes.
Paul Krugman sets the record straight…not that the Republicans would listen to him.

Furthermore our current economic problems are what we faced before and what the Republicans want to do is what didn’t work before…unless one considers a Gilded Age society to be a success….come to think of it, the Gilded Age is the Republican Utopia, isn’t it? The “deserving” had all the money; the rest of us could have our company cottage and company store where we could spend our company script.

I can imagine the Republicans getting all hot and bothered thinking about such a set up….

Now what gets ME hot and bothered is somewhat different:

Spandex Butts
Via Girls in Yoga Pants: Check out what it says on the bottom of her shirt:

Now THAT is confidence! 🙂 But…well, at the university gym, it isn’t ok for me to stare. I save that for road races.

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  1. It isn’t even the top 1% anymore according to Krugman’s data – it’s the top 1/2 of 1 %. Pathetic.

    Comment by Lynn | September 21, 2011 | Reply

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