Illinois Valley Striders Half Marathon 2011

I’ve worked this course many times; this is the first time I’ve “done” it.
Short version: Time: 2:40:53 (powerwalking); the course was two 6.55 mile loops. My splits:
1:19:45 1:21:10

Longer version: It was sunny; 64 F with 90 percent humidity at the start; 74 F with 61 percent at my finish.
I walked the whole way: I finished 186 out of 205. Of interest is that as I finished my first loop, the winner (Pat Arnold) was finishing at almost the same time. This makes me feel good as I see Pat in the gym all the time; we usually talk a bit.

Ok, I wish I would have been faster but…
In all honesty, I haven’t been walking much; most of my training has been runs from 4 to 8 miles with an occasional walk. I thought that the hilly course might be hard on my knee so I took two Naproxen when I woke up. I had no troubles; just a few minor twinges.

The course is very rolling and features 2 large hills (done twice) with several medium hills thrown in for good measure. It is “sort of” paved; some nice paved sections; a few crumbly pavement sections and a few gravel sections. It is in Springdale Cemetery.
Here are a few photos from 2007 (same course)

Video: (of the front runners)

I call this a power walk because there is no way in Hades my knees were straight; the steep hills and the gravel precluded that. One might think of this course as a transition between a smooth road and a groomed trail.

Mile splits
11:52, 11:52, 12:21, 12:29, 12:25 (1:01:02 at 5), 12:02, 12:07, 12:33, 13:15 (my mind wandered here), 12:13, 12:04, 12:20, 13:13 (last 1.1).

Given that this race mostly caters to grizzled club runners, I was mostly by myself for much of the second half. That, plus the hills plus the gravel plus (mostly) my lack of walking conditioning kept my pace slow; I knew that too fast of a start would doom me. Still the “out and back parts of the course (and there were several) enabled me to see many of the runners; there were frequent “good jobs” and greetings. Theresa high fived me a couple of times.

I’ll admit this: this year, there really isn’t much of an athletic agenda to my races; they are mostly “social” outings mixed with a hard workout. I choose whatever is there and whatever I can complete safely. I didn’t even think about trying to run this; the hills and my “long” run being only 8 miles precluded that. My knees would have been toast.

In fact, when this event first started, I might not have been able to finish. But given the influx of “social” runners, the time limits are now long enough for me to walk these at a “just beyond what is easy and comfortable” pace.

And I’d be remiss to not mention the eyestrain I got from all of the spandex; the one good thing about walking in the low 12 minute range is that the women with the larger asses then to shuffle at about this pace. 😉


Many different types of people show up at these events. Because I like to categorize things, I’ll divide race entrants into the following classes:

1. People who have this as a goal event with some athletic goal in mind (place, time, time for a given course, beating person X, etc.)
2. People who are NOT treating this as a stand alone “goal” event but are treating this as an event that is part of their “season” of running or walking.
3. People who are using this to train for some other goal event or for their “season”.
4. People who want a hard workout.
5. People who like to “do” events.

I admit that in the past, I’ve been mostly 1-3. Today, and frankly, ALL of the past 2 years, I’ve been in categories 4 and 5. I haven’t had a category 1 event since 2008 (Big Shoulders 5K swim) and I haven’t been in category 2 since 2009.

This year I’ve been getting to 5Ks to push myself (and today too) but I’ve also just wanted to walk or run with the crowd; that is what I did today, though I did push myself toward the end.

But now-a-days, we see more category 5 people (like me this year) and that is why I think that the time limits are so long.

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