Unusual Conversation Starter…..

Workout notes: 1200 yards of swimming:
12 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were kicking (front, side, side)
8 x (25 drill, 25 swim) drills were 2 sfs, 2 were 3-g (three strokes then glide), 4 were “fist” 25s.
4 x 50 on the 1:10; I actually got the feeling that I was swimming on the last one.


I admit that I sometimes do things just to start a conversation. Example: I’ll sometimes wear a race or an event t-shirt just to see if there are any others who have either ran (or walked) the race or participated in the event. It is fun!

I’ve done that too with my Obama t-shirt, but there was one occasion in which some old tea party type tried to get in an argument with me; I merely told him that he was wrong and blew him off.

There are conversation starters on the internet too; I’ve found the biggest ones have been on facebook and other websites.

But here is one conversation starter that I did not expect:

(in each case, click the thumbnail to see the full sized version)

What do these people have in common?

I’ve had back channel conversations with every one of them; topics have ranged from athletics, yoga, psychology, science, social issues, travel and humor. All of them have seen photos of me and my family and knows at least a little about me and my life, and I know at least a bit about theirs

And….I met every one of them because they posted a spandex butt-shot of themselves!

Who would have guessed that a spandex wrapped butt would be a conversation starter? 🙂

Oh well…back to my math paper.

Update I found one of my references online; it saved me a trip to the library! 🙂


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